Millard returns from tour of the 10th Congressional District

Published 9:09 pm Tuesday, November 3, 2015

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Andy Millard is running for a better Congress. He spent the past six weeks, five days per week, cycling, running and walking the length and breadth of North Carolina’s 10th Congressional District, covering more than 350 miles.

With a support staff of volunteers, Andy began the tour in Polk County on Sept. 19 and continued through the district, which includes Rutherford, Cleveland, Lincoln, Catawba, Gaston and a portion of Buncombe counties. The tour ended with a finale celebration held Friday night, Oct. 30 at Harmon Field in Tryon.

At the Harmon Field event, Andy presented a power point presentation showing scenes from his tour. He commented that he found the people of the district to be extremely cordial and more than willing to speak with him. He found that people have tuned out politics, but that they still want to be heard.

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He told supporters, “Folks feel they have been ignored. Congress has no credibility. They are sick and tired of Congress refusing to meet the challenges of the American people. The political parties are polarized, but the people are not. North Carolinians are ready for something different. They’re ready for a new direction and a new attitude to move towards solving problems that affect all our citizens.”

Andy said that District 10 is largely a rural landscape encompassing forests, mountains, agriculture and small towns. The district also includes urban areas of Gastonia, Hickory and Shelby along with most of Asheville. Regardless of the community, he found the concerns of the citizens had a common thread. Care for family across generations, healthcare, jobs and the infrastructure to entice investment, education (early childhood and college affordability), poverty, wealth inequality and the pursuit of the American dream for future generations.

“Poverty is real,” Millard told the crowd. “Do not believe that everyone who lives in poverty or is

homeless has chosen this lifestyle. It’s real and we have to recognize it.” Among the homeless and less fortunate in the district, Andy met veterans needing mental health services, families evicted after a job loss and a young girl on the street due to failed foster care.

“None of these folks chose their current situation. We must fix this.”

Andy told the audience he learned, “This is not about me. It’s not even about you. It’s about them,” he said, pointing to pictures of young adults and children. “We have problems that we must fix now, because it may be too late to effect change when our children and grandchildren inherit these problems from us. I am running for future generations, our children and grandchildren.”

“I learned, absolutely no doubt, that I am doing the right thing. I have some incredible friends. Support from volunteer staff and friends that came with me every day on the tour. My challenge to you is, what are you willing to do? I am willing to run this race, meet the challenges of a campaign, risk humiliation and work like a dog. Will you join me? Spread the word, volunteer, and tell your friends. We can win.”

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– Submitted by Kim Karaman