The circle of life: Joy of new beginnings, mourning losses

Published 1:18 am Friday, October 30, 2015

By Leonard Rizzo

Apologies to the Lion King for stealing their title but this tale will explain.


Two weeks ago a golf ball-sized tumor was removed from my bladder. We’ve known about it for nearly a year and the doctors felt it was time since I’ve been showing blood in my urine. I had to support a catheter for 12 days and I wasn’t a happy camper. Because of this pain and the operation I missed three important events.


Over the years I’ve often expressed how much I appreciate the neighborhood vets and how they’ve worked with me to help save animals. They’ve all become special friends and I try to support them not only by telling their stories but we’ve also dined together and prayed together.


During the course of my illness and recuperation, Dr. Thomas Maiolo lost his wife, Helen, and I couldn’t be there to offer condolences and prayers. The end of life.


Little Maggie Fitch got married on Saturday and is now living in D.C. with her new husband. I missed that too but I’ll catch up with Ian and Theresa. I guess Maggie isn’t so little anymore. The start of a new union.

COLUMNSpecialCases10.30 Sadie

Baby Lillian is due in December and I missed the shower thrown for Dr. Raines and El. God willing, I’ll be there watching her grow and I’ll once again be a surrogate Uncle Lennie. The start of life.


We’ve found the time to take care of many animals nonetheless. We’ve removed the damaged leg of sweet Sadie at God’s Creatures, an eight-year-old Pit who is back home and being loved as if nothing is missing. All went well for Sadie and family.


Dr. Jeny also helped with a Pomeranian with heart problems. We’re keeping watch but so far so good. Thanks Dr. Evans.


Bonnie Brae helped Ginger, a five-year-old Siamese who had a festering sore, possibly from an old catfight. Angel Mitchell explained if it had gone on any longer it could have been life threatening. Ginger is back home and doing well, thanks Angel.


My boy Cain is still at Landrum Vet; I refuse to let him go home till he’s fully healed.  Everybody loves him and he is getting super spoiled. Thanks Donna for working with me on that one.


Josh and I watched as Buttersweet from last week’s tale got love and attention from Ashley, who works at the front desk of the Tryon Daily Bulletin. I told Ashley the nickname “Cutie” is taken so she is now “Sweetie.”


Sweetie and I drove up to Dogwood Farms and Josh explained how well she was doing. As we speak Buttersweet is home with Hank, Sweetie’s two-year-old Rottweiler and I have some wonderful photos. I have other parts to tell but we’ll save that for next week.


I did get inquiries on two of the Pits from last week’s ad, Morticia and Natalie. Thanks, some of you did look into their eyes. Life goes on and I wish to once again thank you all for your prayers and your support.

Thanks for listening.