Mill Spring Hwy. 9 and 108 residents

Published 12:10 am Saturday, October 24, 2015



To the editor:

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Concern on air quality and well water due to dumping raw horse manure within a few hundred feet of my personal properties and neighbors, churches, three schools and small businesses.  My children and grandchildren cannot stand the odor, dry dust, flies, vapors, and stench of this horse manure dropped off almost daily. (Sickening)

Families cannot sit on their own porches and enjoy the beautiful fall weather. Maybe you should dump it in your own backyard. Families are concerned about property value.  Also the odor is crossing over to Toney Road.

I myself welcome all new businesses and the jobs it has provided for our small community unless it’s going to cause health concerns for our families in the future.

I also welcome any of you on my property, your children and guests to inhale what our community has to deal with. I appreciate your time to read this and listening to our concerns of our community.
Joy Conner
Mill Spring