There must be a better solution

Published 11:07 pm Thursday, October 15, 2015

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By Leonard Rizzo





While visiting Bonnie Brae on a different matter, Dr. Ian Fitch brought me back to visit a one-year-old pit brought in by Randy Grobe, who is a board member for Lennie’s Kids. Randy had named her Butter and the vet staff was calling her sweet, so I’ve named her Buttersweet. She was cowering in the corner with her tail between her legs as Ian went in to greet her. I was told she’d be labeled dog aggressive but she certainly was fine around people.

“Whatever she needs,” I told Ian, “bill Lennie’s Fund and I’ll talk to Randy about her.” I learned that Buttersweet was tied up and a neighbor’s Jack Russell was constantly harassing her until she reacted.

Buttersweet was treated for worms, which of course she had, and given all her preventive vaccinations and a tag.

I had the staff contact Josh at Dogwood Farms to send her for some R&R and evaluation with other dogs if possible. I had already spoken with Josh, who has been helpful in these situations before and he agreed to help.

After just two days this is the message I received from Josh at Dogwood Farms: “Lennie, there isn’t a doubt in my mind this dog was abused. She loves people and thrives on any attention give her. At this time I wouldn’t recommend her being around small children because of her mistreatment. An older couple or bigger, responsible children would be fine. She is behaving wonderfully around other dogs and as far as I’m concerned, she’s sweet as she could be.”

The Foothills Humane Society has had a free spay and neuter program for pits for years but it just isn’t enough. Besides Buttersweet and others Randy has worked with, I’ve had three or four others at Landrum Vet, I’m helping a responsible owner at God’s Creatures and promised Dr. Evans I’d assist with a momma and two pups. I’ve helped some heartworm cases for Rusty’s Legacy Dog Rescue and Pet Tender Angels Rescue and is also packed. They’ve recently placed a momma and ten pit pups thanks to the fostering and care of Jackie and Richard Hansford, dynamite animal people.

On my last visit to the shelter to visit Bram, our little Chihuahua with the damaged hip, it seemed every cage had a pit in it. As I looked into each one of their faces I just wanted to scream in frustration. Instead I grabbed a handful of treats and handed them to each one as the tears freely flowed down my cheeks.

I have asked FHS to send in photos of all the pits they have on hand and asked the Bulletin to please print them. I could tell their stories a million times but I want people to imagine looking into the eyes of these magnificent creatures.

We need stronger laws and better enforcement or all the programs and rescues will never be enough.

For now if you’re interested, please contact me. If you’re interested in Buttersweet, she needs another chance.

I don’t know how much longer I can put up with looking into the sad and confused faces of my beautiful kids. Please try to help those of us who are on the front line anyway you can.

Thanks for listening.