So, how do you answer, “Where y’all from?”

Published 10:00 pm Friday, October 9, 2015

How would you answer this question? It’s a simple question but the answer can be complicated depending on your interpretation. Does “from” refer to where you were born or where you grew up?

What if you moved around a lot as a kid? Is it the last place you lived or the place where you spent the most time? Or maybe where you’re from is actually where you live right now because to me, that’s home.

If you and I had just met and you asked me, “Where are you from?” I’m going to proudly proclaim, I’m from Tryon, N.C.! When I say, “I’m from Tryon,” the most common response I get is, “Is that near Raleigh?” That’s usually when the conversation ends.

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But if the other person gets that little glimmer in their eye, I know they know exactly where Tryon is and what it’s all about and instantly, I make a new friend.

My wife is a preacher’s kid, so she moved around a lot growing up. Ask her where she’s from, and be prepared for, “Well, I was born in Princeton, N.J., I went to elementary school in Charlotte, N.C., middle school was in Pensacola, Fla. and high school in Philadelphia, Pa. so, I’m from Princhapensacolaphia.”

Say that out loud a couple times and I guarantee you your day will improve.

One thing I really appreciate about living here is the fact that many of us are not from around here. Sure, we have our fair share of locals some of whom stuck around and others who left and came back.
Actually, it’s a point of pride for many to say, “I’m a native of Polk County.”

But, Tryon is not your typical small, southern town. People choose Tryon. They choose it for all sorts of reasons: moderate climate, thriving arts scene, mountains, rural charm, access to the great outdoors, horse country, affordable real estate and a great quality of life. Tryon is a wonderful place to live.

Perhaps you’re a young family and want to raise your kids in a simpler, slower way of life or, maybe you want to leave the hustle of the big city in search of a community filled with arts, interesting people and easy living.
Where ever you’re from and where ever you live now, make it home. Get involved, give of yourself and be useful. After all, happiness is a byproduct of usefulness.

Oh, and by the way, where are you from?

By Michael Baughman