Prescription procedures modified in state of emergency

Published 2:02 pm Sunday, October 4, 2015

Because of the state’s declaration of a state of emergency for all of North Carolina on Oct. 1, due to potential life-threatening flooding, Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin has issued a bulletin to insurance companies regarding prescription medicines.

Under the authority of NCGS 58-3-228, Goodwin has advised all insurance companies, State Teachers and Employees Health Plan, and other entities licensed by the Department of Insurance that provide health benefit plans covering prescription drugs to waive time restrictions for the refilling of current prescriptions for people who reside in the areas that fall under the emergency declaration.


As a result, within 29 days after the bulletin’s issue on Oct. 1, people insured for prescription benefits under health benefit plans in North Carolina may obtain one early refill of a prescription if there are authorized refills remaining; or obtain one replacement prescription for a prescription that was recently filled.



– Submitted by Liz Wall