Rainy days means time indoors to review collection of beauty treatments

Published 10:39 pm Thursday, October 1, 2015

By Bonnie J. Bardos

“these days I speak of myself in the past tense

writing about yesterday knowing tomorrow

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is no more than mist crawling toward violet mountains

I think of days when this weather meant you

were not so far away the light changing

so fast I believe I can see you turning a corner

the rain comes in smelling of pine and moss…”


~ Colleen J. McElroy, excerpt from “Sometimes the Way It Rains Reminds Me of You”


The week of October arrival has so far been a soggy one that encourages hibernating in a warm dry spot with favorite books and steaming bowls of homemade soup served with slices of hot cornbread baked in a cast-iron pan. Umbrellas in varying colors decorate the front porch, back porch, as well as the truck’s front seat. Poor River dog’s wrinkled mug droops along with the rain outside; spirits sag like wet roofs when the sun leaves for so long. Yes, I know we’ve needed it, but as with guests who overstay their welcome, you’re ready to shut the door on their coattails after a week.


I should be upstairs pulling out warmer clothing for chilly months, but instead pile up a mountain of wonder skin treatments that I’ve acquired lately. Most have been ‘gifts’ from Oprah’s Circle of Friends club, where you get boxes of goodies to try during the year, things you wouldn’t necessarily run to the beauty counter and spring a fortune on. I’m way too cynical to think face cream or lotions are going to be the miracle cure for all wrinkles, sags, lines, spots and so forth, but hey, there’s always hope in a bottle, right? All the jars and bottles sound promising: “Rituals Magic Touch Cherry Blossom & Rice Milk” body cream, “24 Karat Gold Orogold” face elixir retail price only $180 an ounce, “Lasting Smiles” organic lip balm, “Revive Cocoa Rejuvenate” body butter made in England, and so on.


Geez, at some point if I get hungry enough, some of these treasures sound like exotic treats, rather than beautification supplies. There’s a sneaking suspicion that people really do spend their hard-earned moola on this stuff. I don’t have 180 bucks to shell out for Italian gold-flake face cream (although Oprah does), but I did scrounge up seven bucks to shell out to Leon Morgan for some O’Keefe’s foot cream down at M.A. Pace store a couple weeks ago. It doesn’t have gold in it, but works pretty dang good! Leon says he likes it, too. River stayed out in the truck and gave my newest miracle cream a good sniff when I came back. He’d have been more impressed by a new bag of dog food.


Saluda Tailgate Market is Friday from 4:30-6:30 p.m. at the city parking lot off Main Street.


Saluda Welcome Table is every Tuesday, with dinner from 5:30-6:30 p.m. in the fellowship hall of Saluda United Methodist Church.


Keep up with Saluda Community Land Trust (SCLT) by visiting saludaclt.org or calling 828-749-1560. SCLT’s monthly board meeting is Oct. 7, 3 p.m., at the pavilion at McCreery Park. On Oct. 4 at 2 p.m. meet at Saluda Library parking lot to carpool to the Round Mountain picnic to see one of SCLT’s newest projects, and take a mild stroll or a more strenuous hike (your choice) along with enjoying a fall picnic. Oct. 19 will be a hike to waters of Camp Creek. Contact Chuck Hearon for more information at 828-817-0364, 749-9886 or chearon@skyrunner.net

Historic Saluda has a new Facebook page you can visit and keep up with news!

At the Historical Saluda Depot, there’ll be “Dracula at the Depot” program with NY Times bestseller Dacre Stoker, Oct. 3, 7-10 p.m. tickets available. Dale McEntire will be the Depot’s featured artist this month, with a reception on Oct. 10; “Saluda Train Tales” will be with Larry Morton, Oct. 16, 7 p.m.

Artists’ Autumn Fair is at Nostalgia Courtyard on October 10 from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Happy October Birthday to Cissy Thompson, Patricia Case, Joan Barker, Gary Corn, Aaron Bradley, Amanda Burrell Anderson, Lisa Orr, Marilyn Prudhomme, Bubba Dawson, Kirby Jackson, Mary Ann Asbill, Sheila Billeter, Carol Thompson, Mildred Hipp and Dean Bradley. Please add your name to the list; no age mentioned unless you’re under two or over 100!

Saluda sympathy goes to the family of Reverend James (Jim) Crowther. I had some good talks with Jim down on Main Street or hardware stores and thrift shops! He was always helping others.
Thank you, dear readers for reading this column. It’s my goal to make you feel as if you were enjoying a ‘Saluda Time’ visit on the front porch swing watching sparkling spider webs drift in morning sun (or here lately, rain and fog!). Please feel free to contact me at bbardos@gmail.com or 749-1153. You may also visit bonniebardosart.com for more writing and art, or find me on Facebook.