Is it me?

Published 10:00 pm Tuesday, September 29, 2015

To the editor:

Is it me, or do others feel as I felt when I read the article in the bulletin (September 23, Local fire/police recognized for efforts in fatal fire) commending members of the fire department and police for their response to the home fire on Howard Street?

Is it me, or is it customary that commendations are awarded when there has been a successful outcome, when the efforts resulted in saved lives, structures, animals? Not when the result has been the tragic death of a highly regarded young citizen.

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Concerned that, in fact, it was me, I took a small informal survey the results of which supported my sensibilities that commendations were not in order, or perhaps in the back room of the fire station, but not an article and photo in the newspaper.

The issue of the response of the fire and police has become a deep wound in community on the Eastside. Regardless of whether the response was timely or not, the publishing of this article of commendation was seen by me and others as extremely insensitive, even tantamount to pouring salt on a wound. Taunting, one person I spoke with described it.

Where is the sensitivity, the compassion for others and what they might be going through? The whole community on the Eastside is mourning a tragic death while on the Tryon side, people are patting each other on the back. Job well done. Unconscionable I think.

But then it just could be me.

Karen Dow
Tryon, N.C.