Kane, Cain, Cane

Published 10:55 pm Thursday, September 24, 2015

By Leonard Rizzo

I apologize for missing last week’s column; unfortunately I’m still battling some health issues and I simply ran out of gas. My intention was to do a follow up on service dogs after the wonderful response I received for retelling the tale of Corporal Lee and magnificent Lex.

I attended the beautiful memorial to Kimbo, the hero police dog who lost his life to cancer. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house, including my own, as we paid tribute to this magnificent canine officer whose courage and skills were exemplary.

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A few weeks ago I left my cane at the Hot Spot while pumping gas. When I went back, it was gone. I’ve since replaced it, but I guess you’ll see why I’ve titled this tale.

While waiting for a new cane, I’ve been handling Cain, the beautiful Pit bull with the damaged wrist or forepaw. Anyhow, the leg had to be reset because the bandage wasn’t removed in time and began to fester. It broke my heart to see the sweet old boy back in a cage but he’s home now and recuperating much better this time, I pray.

Believe it or not, along came a beautiful four-year-old silver gray Pitt that was struck by a vehicle and his hip bone dislodged. We thought it would need an FHO which consists of grinding the hip bone and fitting it back in place, but, thank the Lord, Dr. Boone at Landrum Vet was able to snap it back in place. By the way, this big beautiful boy was named Kane.

(I think my guardian angel was trying to help me get my cane back but was having trouble with the spelling.)

On a serious note, we did take care of another beautiful old-timer named Bruiser. His stomach was full of fluids and he’d stopped eating. Tests have been seen and I’ve witnessed them draining off fluids. When I sat in the room with Bruiser’s owner, who had rescued him as a two-year-old (he is now 12), I could feel the love bond between them and I made a silent promise I’d do all I could for them. When Bruiser came over and laid his head in my lap it was all I could do to hold it together. I kissed the beautiful boy between his eyes then whispered in his ear, “You’re welcome big fella.”

There have been three other cases I’ve dealt with and two were major heartworm cases for a fellow rescuer. There were three more that needed heartworm treatments but sadly my funds are low again. I’ve explained many times that my funds are low on purpose. My goal is and always has been, to follow my heart and help as many animals as I can that are in need. I know all my decisions aren’t the correct ones, but this I swear, they all emanate from my heart.

Now a message to my Guardian Angel, “I have my cane, there are other needs, go talk to the Boss.”

To all of you, I cannot thank you enough for listening.