Board of Clowns

Published 8:21 pm Monday, September 21, 2015

Arrogance breeds contempt my father always said. And it’s true!

The arrogance of our BOC (board of clowns) shows their contempt for the residents of Polk County.

They stated that they understood the water deal and needed no expert input. Based on other decisions you have made I’m not sure they understand ANYTHING.

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The Pack statement about since two volunteers signed a public document supporting democrats he could not vote for reappointment boggles the mind.

Pay attention kids of Polk County, this is a PRIME example of if you don’t get what you want, take your ball and go home, you don’t want to play anymore. Childish. And the other ones that went home with him…REALLY??? Can you say the word BACKBONE?? Do you have to go along to get along?

What will your legacy say at a later date in time? I pouted and took my ball and went home or will it say I did the right thing? The majority voted you in, so why don’t you come out in a town hall meeting and talk to us. Surely you’re secure in your decisions that you can come down from your mountain and talk to the common folks.

I remember someone stating something about big boy pants. Do any of you four have any? I’m a registered Republican, always have been, you four give it a bad name. But hey guys, I have NEVER voted for any of you at any time, NEVER! I was foolish enough to think that would help me sleep better at night, boy was I mistaken.

Maybe it’s time we had an intervention. We can impeach a president, recall governors, someone tell me what we can do to legally hold them responsible? Start a legal fund? Step up Polk County, you brought them in, time to take them out.

I won’t reregister as an Independent yet because I believe there is hope for the party (although not at this time) but none of you will ever receive my support or vote.

Do the 20,000 people of Polk County a favor, STEP DOWN! You have nothing to offer.


Kerry Hoosier
Tryon, N.C.