Landrum City Council adopts Duke Energy resolution

Published 10:00 pm Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Following suit with Saluda, Polk County, Columbus and many others, Landrum City Council members passed a resolution at the Sept. 8 city council meeting requesting Duke Energy to locate the 230-kilovolt transmission lines associated with the Western Carolinas Modernization Project outside of Spartanburg County.


According to the resolution, the council members believe that the transmission towers, approximately 140 feet in height, would take away from the beauty of the area and affect tourism driven revenues.

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“The way the meetings fell put us about a month behind, but I think everyone is wanting to hear from us,” said Landrum mayor Bob Briggs to the council members in the work session.


“The language isn’t as strong as some of the other ones, but I think it says what we need to say,” he added.


The resolution passed following the work session and reads as follows:






WHEREAS, following a comprehensive evaluation of the energy system, Duke Energy determined the need to invest in new and existing transmission lines and substations to meet growing demand; and

WHEREAS, this $320 million investment includes building a new transmission substation near Campobello, S.C., and connecting it to the Asheville power plant with a new approximately 45-mile, 230-kilovolt(kV) transmission line; and

WHEREAS, City Council recognizes there is a balance between providing safe, reliable, affordable electricity, and the responsibility of utilities to choose infrastructure locations that minimize the impact of such infrastructure, on surrounding property; and the proposed line will be constructed through Greenville and Spartanburg counties in South Carolina and Buncombe, Henderson and Polk counties in North Carolina; and

WHEREAS, the average height of Duke Energy’s 230-kV transmission line’s above ground structure will be approximately 140 feet, there will be an average of 1,000 feet between each of Duke Energy’s 230- kV transmission line’s above-ground structures; and

WHEREAS, Duke Energy’s goal is to minimize impacts on environmental and cultural resources, which are important elements in sustaining tourism and real estate sales that are vital to the area’s rural economy; and

WHEREAS, the presence of Duke Energy’s 230-kV transmission lines will adversely affect the rural atmosphere and serene natural beauty of our area, and will impact the quality of life for all Spartanburg County citizens and negatively affect tourism revenue and tax collections; and

WHEREAS, City Council has requested that Duke Energy carefully consider the impact of this project;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, the City Council of the City of Landrum, South Carolina hereby strongly encourages Duke Energy to locate the proposed 230-kV transmission lines outside the boundaries of Spartanburg County and the City limits of Landrum in order to protect the rural atmosphere and serene natural beauty and overall rich quality of life.

This resolution shall become effective immediately upon its adoption.

Done in a regular meeting, duly assembled this 8th day of September, 2015.