Where is the power going?

Published 9:43 pm Thursday, September 3, 2015

To the editor:

One question I’ve been wondering about, that I haven’t heard asked yet, relates to the supposed purpose of the upgrade of the power plant at Lake Julian and the proposed transmission line corridors.

If, as stated by Duke Energy, the “modernization” is to provide for the increased need for power in the Asheville area in years to come, why are the proposed transmission lines to be built taking the power out of state to the south?

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The last time I looked, Asheville and surrounding areas are in the opposite direction. If you look at where the new transmission lines will tie into Duke’s grid, it looks to me like most of the new power generation will be sent out of the western North Carolina area.

Exactly where is the benefit to the people of our part of the state?


Rick Vogt
Columbus, N.C.