Cain: A hard tale to tell

Published 10:27 pm Thursday, August 27, 2015

By Leonard Rizzo

In lieu of recent events, telling Cain’s tale becomes all the more difficult. There are many people whose minds will never be changed, no matter how much evidence that is contrary to their beliefs. This may be a good thing for they shouldn’t own any sort of large breed dog. The same holds true for those that own these dogs for the wrong reasons, fines and punishments should be harsh to act as a deterrent. Still, there are laws the people can do, all I can do is speak for the dogs.

I have told their tale countless times, regarding Durango, Snowy, Hugo, Falcon, Patches, Tiger, etc. This is why Cain was so important for me to save.

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Cain is healing a little slowly but his injury is in an awkward place thus it’s understandable. Cain was having problems urinating and with my permission we sent off a biopsy to check for cancer. Everything came back okay and he’s now urinating more easily. Still, the Landrum doctors feel that having him neutered, which I also okayed, will help. Why he wasn’t neutered sooner is a subject for another day. In the meantime, I get to visit him all the time, which of course makes my day.


If I didn’t know any better I’d think Cain is taking his time because he’s enjoying all the attention he’s receiving. It’s almost sickening watching all the staff and doctors cloying over him.

There is so much more that I could and have told about this breed, but as I’ve stated earlier, to some it’s just a waste of time. Just know this, Cain is not an anomaly, he is the rule when placed in the right hands. Recent events are the anomaly and of course they are overblown which makes Cain and others like him suffer.

Just today, Cain and I went for a walk and sweet Jodi took my camera to take pictures for this article.

Cain wobbled outside with his leg brace and I put my cane aside to manage him better, though pulling on the leash is not in Cain’s lexicon. After Cain did his business to show me that he’s urinating okay, I got to love him up a bit. A thought entered my mind and I started to laugh about Cain with his brace and me with my cane.

“What is it, Uncle Lennie?” Cain asked.

“It seems like we’re two old men that the whole world is ready to put to pasture,” I replied. “But we’re not ready to go yet, are we?”

Cain responded by licking my face, which again brought laughter.

“I’ll take that as a no.”

Thanks for listening.


# # #