Disagreement with Polk County Youth Football rules

Published 10:02 pm Thursday, August 13, 2015

To the editor:


I have never been more disappointed with an organization as much as Polk County Youth Football. This week I was informed that my son would not be allowed to run the football. To make matters worse, they are going to tag his helmet with red tape. This tape is placed on the helmet to let the referee know that he can’t run the ball. Should he catch the ball then the whole play has to be stopped and dismissed.

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When I questioned why he was not allowed to run the ball, the president of the organization responded that it was a safety issue and to keep other children from being hurt. I am not under any illusion that my son is a small child. He is a stocky little boy.


My question is, if this is a game that is supposed to teach sportsman like conduct and unify children in playing a game that they enjoy, then why put such a rule in place? My son is a lineman; simply put, he blocks and tackles. Now, why is it that he can play such a position without it being a safety issue, but running the ball presents a safety issue?


Every parent that puts their child in this sport signs a waiver that the organization is not responsible for any harm or accident that may befall their child. We are quick to be given a waiver and the money is quickly accepted, but why are we not given a rules and regulations book? I certainly would not have placed my son in football if this rule had been brought to my attention before the season started.


Simply, football is football and it is supposed to be a game that these kids can enjoy. Instead it’s being made to be a game that adults are turning into a ridiculously competitive sport. Every team member deserves to have the same opportunity as the next. This is the point I believe that people are missing and in turn I feel will be the downfall of this organization.


Tayler Capehart
Tryon, N.C.