Putting the pieces back together after accidents

Published 10:06 pm Thursday, August 13, 2015

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By Leonard Rizzo

I have seen puppies do this mock fighting in play a thousand times. I was told there wasn’t any growling or snarling and there certainly weren’t any teeth marks. It was just a freak accident. Off Buddy Boy went to Landrum Vet to become one of Uncle Lennie’s kids until he was healed and that’s where I just met him.

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“How are you doing little guy?” I asked.

“I’m okay Uncle Lennie.”

Being in a strange place he was a bit timid at first but I soon had him gently leaning on my chest as we spoke.

“What did you do Buddy Boy?” I asked.

“I was just playing Uncle Lennie, honest.”

“I know,” I replied laughing “but you’re going to have to cool it for a while till your jaw heals.”

I held the little fella’s face gently between the palms of my hands and kissed the top of his head. Buddy Boy’s tail went from between his legs to a slow wag of acceptance and my heart filled with love.

The next day I went to visit Jane a little terrier-Border collie mix who likes to ride around with her daddy on a golf cart. I received a call about Jane from the owner’s son who explained she had been stuck by a car and she was his dad’s whole life.

“Can you help?”

“Of course I will,” I replied, “You tell your dad not to worry. I’ll see she gets what she needs.”

Jane didn’t have any broken bones but had lots of scrapes and bruises with a pretty nasty laceration on he face.

“She’s going to heal fine,” Dr. Raines told me. “A few days to recoup with the proper meds and we can send her home.”

“Wonderful Donna, how’s little Buddy Boy doing?” I asked.

“He’s a strong little guy and he’ll be able to heal without any intrusion. His jaw is back in place and he’s on a mild painkiller.  He’s a sweetie Lennie.”

“So are you,” I replied, giving my dear friend a hug and asking, “How’s the other little one?”

“She’s doing just fine,” she replied, patting her tummy and flashing me a smile that lit up the room.

As I sit at my desk writing this tale I can report that Jane is back home with her poppa. I spoke with the son who initially called me and along with thanks informed me that Jane and his dad are doing well.

Dana Mayer (the blue whale) has placed Buddy Boy in a foster where he’s by himself.  “How’s the new foster?” I asked Dana.

“Oh Lennie, Abigail rocks.” I laughed and she proceeded to tell me how wonderful, cute, smart and loving Buddy Boy was.

I guess I can’t stop accidents but I am certainly blessed with some great people to help put the pieces back together for my kids.

Once again in memory of Christine Hume, a giant among rescuers, “We will all miss you.”

Thanks for listening.