Rev. Isaac Lemmons delivered sermons differently

Published 11:42 pm Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Reverend Isaac Lemmons was born in the late 1700s. He began his ministry in 1816 and preached the Gospel for 50 years. Many of those years were as pastor of Reedy River Baptist and one of the many other churches it established, Head of Tyger Baptist Church in the Tigerville area.

He was well known among Baptist ministers, having attended associational meetings as an official delegate for virtually every year of his ministry and having served in numerous leadership positions for the band of churches.

He was best known, however, as being a different kind of preacher. Rather than preaching in a bombastic, “hell fire and damnation” style, his was quite the opposite.

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His unusual, and very effective, style was to present the Scriptures (all of which he committed to memory) in such a way as to prove everything that he affirmed. Quoting passage after passage with ease, he would pile up proof after proof in support of whatever doctrine he was preaching.

He would pretend that the pulpit was a court room and would call Peter, Paul, James or John (and occasionally David or Moses) to the “stand” to bear testimony to the truth that he was presenting.

Quite simply, he would ask the pretended witness to “stand up and testify in this case.” He would quote the precise scripture, doing it as the witness, then, as himself, would repeat the witness’ words for added emphasis and add the exact book, chapter and verse.

Proving his proposition from the Word of God in this manner helped members of the congregation to better comprehend his points. A number of young men, who later were ordained as ministers, said that Rev. Lemmons’ unusual sermon delivery was inspiring to them.

Always dressed very simply, Rev. Lemmons looked much like a wise, aging father even in earlier years of his ministry. He always closed his sermons with powerful exhortations that “stirred the soul.”