Thumbs Up! Thank you for supporting fire departments, first responders

Published 8:00 pm Friday, July 31, 2015




Dear Ms. Cosmus:


I want to personally thank you, your family and the staff of your restaurant for your kindness and generosity to the firefighters and emergency crews on Tuesday as they fought a difficult house fire.


There are many people and acts that make Tryon a special place and your caring in this instance were certainly in that category.


Thanks so much for what you did, and for having the compassion and thoughtfulness to do it.


You are a special group and we are glad you are a part of Tryon.


Jim Wright



Editor’s note: The preceding letter was sent from Jim Wright, mayor of the Town of Tryon, to Michaila Cowles Cosmus of Huckleberrys Restaurant, together with her family and staff. Want to acknowledge or thank someone, a business or an organization that has done a good deed? Let us know at