When overwhelmed, it’s time for prayers

Published 8:00 pm Thursday, July 30, 2015



By Leonard Rizzo

I talk about rambling often, and sometimes I just don’t know where to begin, so here goes a little about a lot of cases.

Boomer, the shorthaired golden yellow lab is back from the SAP program and is being adopted by Maryann Merrill. He was perfect, but he just had a leg wound that was having trouble healing. All’s well.

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Kinsley, the sweet baby with the broken jaw, gave me a scare. Her face swelled up and we thought perhaps the operation went wrong. It turned out to be an abscessed tooth, which was pulled. She’s healing wonderfully and is being lovingly fostered with Ashley (cutie).

Mater, the tan and white pit from last week’s tale, is becoming dog aggressive. He may have never had such one-on-one treatment and wants it all to himself. Sad as it may be, there are just too many out there for us to accept this. I’ve had him neutered and am setting up some special training with Kayla Parrish (little momma). I’ll give him every chance and we’ll see.

My last book signing at Foothills Humane Society was a blast and I got to see so many of my shelter kids.  I’ll speak of three that stole my heart just a little more than the rest.

Big Granger was a one and a half year old English Mastiff that was a stray at the Tryon Equestrian Center. I was told he has trouble with men but when Ashley took me to meet him he began to bark furiously with his tail wagging when he saw me.



“Sit and behave yourself” I commanded, and he sat right down like a stone. God, how I ached to climb in the cage and work with him, but unfortunately those days are over.

Eli, 2, and Peyton, 4, are a breed known as the German Wolf Spitz. They look something like Chows and were probably bred with them. They came in as strays and had their fur so full of knots they were in pain. These are two beautiful and loving animals that are sure to tear your heart out should you meet them.

I’ve been to Dogwood Farms where Daisy and Geneva are the first of my shelter kids experiencing the new R & R program I set up through Lennie’s Kids urgent care fund at FHS. They were out running and playing with at least 20 other dogs of every breed imaginable and having the time of their lives.

Tony, my 9-year-old black cat whom I brought home from the shelter for Rojo and Dolce, who are no longer with us, has had some sort of bladder infection. Though he has been behaving beautifully, I have been frantic as we wait for the antibiotics to do their job. Tony now has two younger sisters, Carol and Carmella, and he has just lately come out of the funk of losing Rojo and Dolce and has begun being his old self. I have given some dogs special titles, and the same holds true for my Tony: “He is the greatest cat that ever lived.”



I’m having Molly looked at at Bonnie Brae. She is a cute little Beagle mix who recently lost her brother, Scooter, at 13 years old. Molly has a tumor that will be checked out and removed if necessary. Lennie’s Fund will handle all expenses and I’ve placed her in the very capable hands of Dr. Ian Fitch, my good friend.

I have two other cases that I haven’t even called back yet and I don’t know if I have the answers for them. It’s obvious that at times I just get a bit overwhelmed. Fortunately I do know Who has all the answers so if you’ll excuse me, I’m about to have a talk with Him.

Thanks for listening.

# # #


PHOTO2: Peyton
PHOTO3: Granger