Purrrfect Bark is launching a raw pet food challenge

Published 12:31 am Friday, July 17, 2015

Purrrfect Bark is looking to give away a year’s supply of raw pet food in their National Raw Pet Food Challenge.


Columbus’ own Purrrfect Bark is participating a national Raw Pet Food 30 Day Challenge. The challenge asks contestants who have never fed their pet raw food before, to feed them raw food for 30 days as their main source of nutrition. No grains, no kibble, nothing with any chemical preservatives.  At the end of the 30-day period, contestants will submit a video about how raw food affected the health of their pet during the challenge.

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The winner will be chosen at random from all the videos to receive a free year’s supply of AnswersTM Pet Food, up to a $2,000 value. All contestants who enter will also receive an additional 25 percent discount off AnswersTM Pet Food at select pet stores around the country for the duration of the contest.  Contestants choosing to take the challenge will also gain access to a special Facebook group ($30 value) for raw foodists for free where all their questions about feeding your pet raw food will be answered. The goal of this contest is to educate pet owners about the health benefits of a natural pet diet and to increase the lifespan and health of man’s domestic friends all across the country.


Purrrfect Bark is a holistic pet market store that promotes a natural diet for pets. Their shop sells only quality pet foods and snacks that contribute to better teeth, stronger bones, healthy joints and a longer lifespan in dogs and cats.


“The processed food industry that has made humans overweight and with innumerable ailments has also been sold for our pets,” explains Eric Mack, manager. “More and more vets out there are promoting a move to a raw or prey-based diet for pets because it has so many health benefits for them.”


There are many myths about the use of raw foods for pets that this contest hopes to dispel. One of the myths is that dogs and cats are too far beyond their ancestors to handle a raw diet due to domestication.  Dogs are, in fact, so similar to wolves in basic physiology that researchers frequently used them as a physiological model when studying wolf body processes as they share 99.8 percent mitochondrial DNA, as well as the ability to produce fertile offspring when mixed with domestic pets.


“The goal with our challenge is to not only show people what a difference it can make in their own pets, but to raise awareness across a broader spectrum,” Mack says. “We are so happy to be working with AnswersTM Pet Foods as they have led the way on this for years. We’re participating in the thirty day challenge in the hopes that the free food will encourage people to try an alternative diet for their pets.”


Contestants may sign up beginning on July 15, but no later than August 7 to be included in the challenge.  The winning video will be randomly selected.


For more information on the contest or how to get started, visit purrrfectbark.com or email Eric at eric@purrrfectbark.com. You can also call the store at 828-894-2444.


– Submitted by Kevin Powell