Mg12 brings the power of the Dead Sea to Tryon

Published 10:00 pm Monday, July 6, 2015

Tom Strader, owner of Mg12, is passionate about the benefits of magnesium. In 2014, he bought the company, formerly known as Magnesoothe, from Dave and Drew Banks. The father and son duo created the company seven years prior after finding an interest in alternative health.

While working in his previous career for Tryon Estates as executive director, Strader began having severe back pain.

“I would carry an empty five gallon bucket by the handle just to turn it upside down and sit on it while at job sites,” explained Strader.

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A friend suggested magnesium-infused Magnesoothe products. Strader began soaking in the company’s Dead Sea bath salts and rubbing the oil into problem areas.

“In about five weeks I realized I didn’t have any pain anymore,” said Strader, “and I haven’t had any pain since.”

Strader was so impressed with the power of magnesium on himself as well as friends and family that he purchased the Magnesoothe Company.

By February 2014, the operation was re-branded as Mg12 and relocated to Tryon, N.C.

The name Mg12 is derived from the periodic table and its twelfth element, magnesium.

“I knew that if we were going to take this to the marketplace we would need a name that was easy to remember,” said Strader.

Despite being the fourth most abundant mineral on earth and responsible for over 300 different chemical reactions in the body, more than 70 to 90 percent of Americans are highly deficient, according to Strader.

A combination of increased amounts being used by the brain under stress and the depletion of minerals found naturally in crop soil due to modern farming techniques has led to magnesium deficiencies at epidemic proportions, according to Strader.

Magnesium is essential for energy metabolism, blood pressure maintenance, muscle function, nerve function, bone health, skin health and stress management.

Signs of magnesium deficiency include: weakness, anxiety, poor memory, muscle cramps, dizziness, and confusion among many others.

Magnesium supplementation has gained popularity over the past 10 years. While the Dead Sea has been a spa destination since the days of Cleopatra, scientists are now rediscovering the importance of the mineral.

“Just like your body needs water to drink, you body needs magnesium,” said Strader. “Magnesium is the most vital mineral for bodily operation.”

While there are many ways to get your daily dose of magnesium, the far most effective method is trans-dermal, according to Strader.

“The athletes that you are seeing die on the field with heart attacks are caused by too much calcium and not enough magnesium,” said Strader. The heart, on occasion, will cramp under stress and seize. Without enough magnesium to alleviate this, a heart attack occurs.

Strader imports raw crystals from the Dead Sea and through a proprietary process, develops his popular balms, soaps, and oils.

Also available for purchase are the raw Dead Sea salts. When combined with a warm bath, a true Dead Sea spa experience can be achieved.

The company has received many letters of endorsement from doctors, physical therapists, and professional athletes, according to Strader.

Mg12 currently offers seven trans-dermal products with plans to add more in the near future. These products are sold through 94 brick and mortar partner stores across the Southeast in eight states as well as online at

Despite the building being using primarily as office space and production, Strader also sells his products in-house located at 874 South Trade Street in Tryon.

The Mg12 staff encourages visits from those who are interested in learning about the product’s benefits, and feedback from their many current users.

“In the end, we’re here to help people improve their quality of life,” said Strader.