Picking up the pieces

Published 11:31 pm Thursday, July 2, 2015

By Leonard Rizzo

I had just come back from visiting Betsy, a 10-year-old rescued Beagle, when I received the call. I was optimistic about Betsy though she was accidentally backed over by a car when she ran loose. Though she had internal injuries there weren’t any broken bones revealed in her x-rays. Her demeanor buoyed my optimism, a sweet “I love life” little lady.

I promised to handle all expenses so that Betsy would be the only concern for her owners.  Dr. Lara had her case and I’m super pleased with the newest vets at Landrum Veterinary. Dr. Sharon just completed a great job with Bookie, the cat who needed her leg removed due to infections. Bookie is now home and doing fine.

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The call came from Lani (the bulldog) at FHS and it was about Kinsley, a tan and white nine month old Pit mix. The bulldog was having trouble relating the story as she was shaking with compassion. The right side of Kinsley’s jaw was broken and dangling, along with other wounds that had been allowed to fester and were full of maggots.

“I pulled at least 20 maggots off her Lennie, and she is so shy and scared,” Lani said tearfully.

By now I was shaking and tearing up myself as I assured Lani that I would pay for whatever she needs. Kinsley’s story reminded me of my dear, sweet, long lost Allie, and I prayed we can turn Kinsley into the greatest dog that ever lived. Kinsley was sent to Cloverfield Vet to be worked on by a new friend, Dr. Laura Boggs, and my dear old friend, Dr. Maria Magsino.

I visited her after the operation and so far things are looking good for her. Her jaw is wired on one side and the swelling has already gone down. She was very shy but allowed me to gently stoke her ears as I spoke to her.

“Sweet Kinsley, you may not know this now but if God and I have any say in this, your days of pain and confusion are all behind you.”

“Are you sure Uncle Lennie?” she asked.

“Yes my darling,” I answered. “If God is my witness and I know He is, then I am very sure.”

Kayla, our new little momma, has been to Cloverfield to evaluate her and Ashley (cutie) has offered to foster her as she recuperates. I will keep an eye on Kinsley and pay the way for whatever is needed, but for now she’s in good hands and my promise is beginning to unfold.

The next day little Betsy was operated on and it was learned that her internal injuries were so severe she succumbed within minutes. Dr. Lara was in tears as she explained to me all the complications. We do our best to pick up the pieces but now and then one of our kids is just too broken.

“She was sweet, Lara, and I’ve already contacted her owners to let them know I’ll handle all fees and will help them to try and replace the irreplaceable when the time comes.”

In the meantime I’ve sent word to Monty, Allie and all my doggie angels to keep an eye out for Betsy, and to tell her I’ll see you all again one day.

Thanks for listening.