Rambling on about the kids, my book project

Published 10:00 pm Thursday, June 18, 2015


By Leonard Rizzo

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In the last month, I’ve spent $7,000 helping my kids and that’s not including over $1,000 Dr. Raines at Landrum forgave for Bookie, a cat with an infected leg that eventually had to be taken. Bookie’s infection may have gone into her shoulder and we’re praying her antibiotics will keep her fever down. She’s a sweet two-year-old kitty that needs our prayers.

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By the way, bless you all that I have the money to handle these things and once again, thank you, Dr. Donna. I consider you my fourth daughter.

Tinkerbelle, another cat, had a bad infection in her moth and wouldn’t eat because of the pain. We decided that removing her teeth would be best and I received a wonderful thank you from her family.

“Tinker’s on soft food now and now that she’s without pain, she’s behaving like a kitten once again. God bless you Lennie for your help.”

Last week we helped Roxie with her eye, along with helping Lucky, an eight-year-old lab with seizures, both at Bonnie Brae. I’ve helped Abby, Julie and Boomer also in that time period. I’ve been busy.
I took the SAP ladies up to visit Boomer who is being fostered and trained for the Soldier Animal Project at Danielle Scruggs with her Goldens. The SAP ladies were so impressed with Danielle and her Goldens I didn’t think we’d ever get out of there. My dear friend Danielle is an awesome lady and has offered to donate special Golden pups to the SAP program. I’ve also received a commitment from Dr. Joe Picone to donate one of his champion Shepherds to SAP now and then and a visit to the Von Picone Kennels are in the works for the SAP ladies. It is a program near and dear to my heart and I can’t think of a better thing for Lennie’s Fund than to support this wonderful symbiotic relationship between our soldiers and these magnificent animals.
My book, A Voice in the Hills, is now on Amazon.com. Please order one if you can. After expenses all proceeds are going to Lennie’s kids. I’ll be setting up a book signing as soon as hard copies are available to me. More details to come.
Finally, except for the birth of my children, this may be the happiest Father’s Day I will experience. God has seen fit that I should wind up in this area and for that my kids and I are eternally grateful. To all of you out there who have made this possible, both with your support and prayers, from the bottom of my heart, thank you, and thanks for listening.