Making life a little easier for Roxy the chocolate Cocker Spaniel

Published 10:47 pm Thursday, June 11, 2015

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By Leonard Rizzo

She was found along Highway 11 a bit over three years ago. Her breed was difficult to determine because she didn’t have any hair, which at first was thought to be due to mange. She had glaucoma in both eyes and it seemed evident she was used as a puppy mill mom. Stress and malnutrition had taken its toll on this poor girl but her life began to change when Brenda, full of pity, brought her home.
She was given the name Roxy and treatments were begun at Bonnie Brae’s where Brenda’s daughter is on staff.
The first good news was that the hair loss wasn’t mange but due to allergies and in time a beautiful chocolate Cocker Spaniel emerged. Roxy’s glaucoma was a more difficult problem and eye drops were administered daily to ease the discomfort. At age five, Roxy’s left eye started to bulge and removal became the best option to ease the pain and discomfort.

It is a very expensive operation and Brenda just didn’t have the money.

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I told Brenda, “You have given her the best care possible. Lennie’s Fund will handle the fees for this sweet courageous lady.”
My good friend Dr. Ian Fitch removed the eye last week and Roxy handled the operation like the trooper that she is. Some day the other eye may have to be taken but for now Roxy is pain free and doing just fine. Thanks, Ian, for another job well done.
The day after the operation I went to Bonnie Brae’s to settle the bill and see how Roxy was doing.

Brenda’s daughter carried Roxy out to me and tearfully exclaimed, “Lennie, I don’t know how we’ll ever be able to repay you.”


I leaned over to give this sweet little Cocker Spaniel a kiss and she instinctively gave my face two quick licks. I laughed and said to Brenda’s daughter, “That’s okay dear. Roxy knows exactly how to repay me.”
Thanks for listening.