For this cat, Lucky is a most appropriate name

Published 9:37 pm Thursday, May 28, 2015

By Leonard Rizzo

Over the years I have often spoke of those who have helped in the placing and healing of my kids. Dana Mayer (blue whale) is by far the most prolific and dozens of my kids have been placed due to her efforts. Dana is on the board of directors of my 501(c)3 simply because I haven’t a doubt should something happen to me, my kids would continue to receive the help they need. Dana is also a fine writer and, who knows, we may also get a story now and then. It goes without saying she is a valued friend who I love dearly.
Approximately four years ago a Tryon couple called Dana (who runs the Po’Kitty program) about a cat they had been feeding. They received Dana’s number from Landrum Vet because the cat was in the bushes unable to use its hind legs. Lucky was a black longhaired boy with bright green eyes — a stunning cat. Lucky, through all the trauma, was also a purr machine and Dana tearfully brought him to Dr. Maiolo with the fear he may have to be euthanized.

It was diagnosed that his rear end had been crushed, possibly by a car. Pain killers were given to Lucky and Dana brought him home to see if he could urinate. He could and he did and in a few months taught himself how to walk again. Since he couldn’t live outdoors, the original couple did not want him back.

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These are Dana and Emmy’s words: “By this time we had fallen in love with this calm, cool cat, so he stayed.” He not only stayed, he became king cat among their group of felines, which at last count was around 19.
When I received the call that Lucky had a urinary blockage, an ailment that is often fatal in male cats, he was rushed to Upstate Veterinarian Specialists emergency and it was learned that the operation needed would cost $3,500 to $5,000 without a guarantee of success. Dana was frantic because they just didn’t have the money for Lucky.


I spoke with Dr. Donna Raines at Landrum, and she felt chances were good that Lucky would survive the operation. I believe Donna felt how anxious I was to help my dear friend and sweet, courageous Lucky.


Lennie’s Fund paid $4,000. Thank you to my last fundraiser folks, as you made this possible. When you read this, Lucky should be home after a successful operation. A catheter has replaced his penis. Lucky already has learned how to urinate; after all, didn’t he teach himself how to walk?


Considering all that’s gone on in his life, someone might think that Lucky is a most inappropriate name for him. I think Lucky is the luckiest cat alive simply because he landed in the home of my dear friends whose heart is just as big as his. More than that, we are all lucky to have this magnificent purr machine in our world. Along with prayer, he teaches us that with enough love and courage, just about any obstacle can be overcome. Thanks Lucky, it’s a honor to know you. Thanks for listening.