Reasons for planning board resignation

Published 10:00 pm Tuesday, May 5, 2015

To the editor:

Several people in the community have asked me why I resigned as chairman and as an active member of the Polk County Planning Board from the Coopers Gap township after only serving one year of a two year term. Surprisingly, none of the commissioners I have supported have questioned me. I thought I would share my reasons with the entire county.

You see, I decided to apply to the board after a request from several of the present and former commissioners. At the time, no one was showing any interest in applying from Sunny View. I also felt obligated to support the Republicans on the board since it appeared they were governing with a limited government approach.

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I was approached by Keith Holbert several months ago and asked to apply for a newly created position with the county. He stated that he wanted someone local to fill the position. After much consideration and prayer, I applied, with permission to use Keith as a reference. Several weeks later and just moments before his swearing in, I asked Shane Bradley to grant me a reference also. He stated that he did not think I needed him, that I was at the top of the list. But, nevertheless, he would help me any way he could.

Admittedly, I was given no guarantees but my perception was that I had a pretty good shot at the job. I was excited about continuing my service to the county in a greater role.

Weeks went by and I had not heard anything until I discovered that someone else had been hired. I was a little puzzled at first because I had not been given an opportunity to interview. But I moved on and realized that I had received the answer I was praying for.

A couple of weeks later, I received an email from the county department head with a request for an interview because the new employee didn’t show up for work. I was shocked. I agreed to the interview which went really well. I began to pray again and ask what God was doing. Ultimately, I was not granted the position. I accepted the fact that this was God’s will and I was ok with it. However, I felt really deceived by the two commissioners.

Shane and Keith, this is not how you build a community and this is not the way to treat people who have supported you in the past and helped give you a job. I can no longer support you by serving on the planning board and I may not support anyone in the future with an “R” beside their name.

What really causes me grief is that my friends, family and neighbors in Sunny View are ultimately the ones who lose. I felt like I brought common sense, conservative ideas to the board.

My family watched as I struggled through this but it I used it as a teachable moment for them. I showed them how the Bible speaks of deceivers in the last days and that we should remain faithful, vigilant and maintain situational awareness of our culture and the spiritual battle we are in as Christians. I hope that I don’t sound like a disgruntled person; it is not my intention. I just want Polk County citizens to be aware of the deception of some of our commissioners.

Eric Bradley
Sunny View, N.C.