The highs and lows of animal rescue

Published 11:51 pm Thursday, April 30, 2015

With a broken hipbone and foreleg, Angel, a year and a half old Pitt mix, delivered four pups, one of which survived.

With a broken hipbone and foreleg, Angel, a year and a half old Pitt mix, delivered four pups, one of which survived.

By Leonard Rizzo

Angel is a sweet little black and white Pitt mix that is about a year and a half old. Angel was running loose and was struck by a vehicle, breaking a hipbone and a foreleg. She was found and brought to Lori Jewell at Pet Tender Angels where it was learned that Angel was also pregnant. X-rays were sent to my friends at Upstate Veterinary Specialists (UVS) and the fee was quoted at near $3,000, but first something had to be done about the pups.
Lori called on me for help to maybe get UVS to lower the fee somewhat because she was being swamped with medical bills. Lori had another dog she was struggling with plus she was devastated at the thought of the trauma the pups must have gone through.
At the time I’m still working with getting Forest’s leg removed, which should have happened Thursday before this article will appear. Besides, we’re having some trouble with Ruger, who is losing weight even though he’s eating like a horse. I’ve sent him for a full bank of tests before we take on the FHO, hip operations he’s scheduled for.

I visited Angel and held the sweet thing in my arms as my wife Elaine snapped photos. I left Pet Tender Angels a $500 check to help Angel and promised I’d talk to Dr. Allen for some help with the fee.

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Many of the things I’m about to say I’ve stated before. Animal rescue is simply an emotional roller coaster that at times actually drains you of your strength. Simply put, there are just too many wounds and not enough Band-Aids.

The following day I ran into Lori as Angel was being brought into Landrum vet to remove the pups by a C-section. I learned that the other dog Lori was caring for died of fluid on the lungs and poor Lori was weeping uncontrollably. I held her in my arms and wept with her for this strong and caring lady has been there for me more times than I can count.


I left that day and prayed that I could somehow be of help for the whole situation.  My prayer is usually the same, “Lord show me the way and I will follow to the best of my ability.”

The next day before my dialysis session, I went to Landrum Vet to check on Angel. I learned that four pups were taken from her, and miraculously one was alive. As I held the one-day-old female in my hands I learned another client’s dog had six-week-old pups and she would be a surrogate mother for the new soul.

That evening I learned that Lori had found an injured baby squirrel and was nursing it back to health. I tearfully thought to myself, “How wonderful, that’s exactly what Lori needed to help her heal emotionally.”

Then I finally figured it out and looked up to the heavens and said, “Thank you Lord, I guess You’ve got this one.”
Thanks for listening.