When the impossible becomes possible

Published 10:42 pm Thursday, April 23, 2015

By Leonard Rizzo 

Over the years I have tried to give credit to all those who have been instrumental in helping make things better for my kids. Many are in the rescue business themselves or are veterinarians who have worked with me.


It was about five years ago that I first came in contact with Upstate Veterinary Specialists and Dr. Keith Allen, their head of surgery. I remember the care and the animal involved like it was yesterday.


The dog was Snowy, a beautiful Dogo Argentino, whose leg was so mangled and deformed it looked as if nothing could be done. I had a little less than $3,000 in my emergency fund and I couldn’t ask UVS to wait as I would with local vets. I refused to give up on this beautiful girl, so x-rays were sent and Bonnie Brae agreed to house her at minimum cost till I worked things out.


Those who followed the Snowy saga are aware of how beautifully things turned out and the miracle Dr. Allen achieved. To this day, when I see Snowy run, I can’t hold back the tears of joy and wonderment.


I have worked with other doctors at UVS but Keith is my number one choice. He understands and keeps my fees to a minimum because he knows I’m helping these animals to eventually get into good homes.


Often Keith and his staff will cut corners at their own expense to achieve this goal for me.  Since Snowy, many animals have been blessed to be put into the magical hands of Dr. Allen and many of my kids are in loving homes because of him. We have become very close friends and there is no one I would trust more with one of my kids than Keith.


Recently we brought Forest, the now 4 and a half month old Shepherd to UVS to amputate his leg, which could not be saved because of an incurable defect. After Keith examined him to see how his other leg was doing, it was learned he had an infection and he went home with 10 days of antibiotics before we’d attempt the operation. The story of Forest and his new and wonderful family will be told soon. I wanted to make this tale in honor of my dear and valuable friend, Dr. Keith Allen.

Over the years I’ve learned that just because something is difficult it doesn’t mean it can’t be done; though it may take a little longer, with the good Lord’s help, even the impossible becomes possible.
Thanks for listening.


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