He shall be the cornerstone

Published 10:28 pm Thursday, April 2, 2015

By Leonard Rizzo

As we enter this most holy week for us Christians I cannot think of a more perfect tale than that of sweet Ruger.
Turned in as a stray to Greenville animal care, he was noticed by Ann and Linda of the Canines for Warriors Service Dog Program, SAP. This one and a half year old Lab mix was found to be loving, smart and ready to work. He was taken to Florida and quickly accepted to the training program for K9’s. The trainers loved him and were very excited to work with him.

One of the requirements for the program is that they have healthy hips. After Ruger was x-rayed it was discovered that he had hip dysphasia in both hips. Sadly, Ruger was disqualified for the program so the SAP ladies picked him up and brought him home. For the second time in his short life beautiful Ruger was rejected.

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I have recently donated a large sum from my 501(c)3 fund to SAP for a different purpose and what remains is for two cases that are pending some time in April. When Mary Ann called me about Ruger she wished she could use the money for Ruger. I told her no, that money has its purpose; we will find a way to help Ruger.

In the nearly nine years I have been doing this I can’t tell you how many times my pending fees were more than were in my funds.

“Mary Ann,” I went on, “take him to Landrum Vet and have his x-rays sent to Upstate to my friend Dr. Allen and don’t worry, as always, God and my angels will provide.”

I have since contacted Dr. Donna Raines at Landrum Vet and all work plus any rehab will be for free as this year’s promise for my kids. When the time comes I’ll contact Dr. Allen and beg him to keep the fees to a minimum for Ruger, who is one of my kids. All who know me know that when it comes to my kids I don’t have any shame. Ruger will have to be done one hip at a time and after his surgeries Dr. Raines may already have a family for him.

Ruger is 18 months old, 75 pounds, neutered, up to date on his shots and microchipped.  He’s one bundle of love that is dog, people and children friendly.
I know one thing for sure, as long as I have a say in it, this sweet boy will never be rejected again.
As it says in the Good Book, “The one who has been rejected shall be the cornerstone.”  Perhaps the good Lord sent us Ruger to remind us of this lesson. May you all receive His blessings during these holy days and throughout the year.

Thanks for listening.