I mourn for those who do not make it

Published 10:32 pm Thursday, March 26, 2015

By Leonard Rizzo

Each day I pray for the innocents who are persecuted throughout our world.  It saddens me that precious life is held so cheaply. Other than prayers, there isn’t much a caring person can do. Support helpful organizations and pick up the pieces as often as you can.  It’s an impossible task but I promise you, God will help.

A thought also enters my mind every day: If people would treat each other with such disdain, how would they treat our domestic animals, the ultimate innocents?
I received a call from Lani (bulldog) last week about a Boxer that was hit by a car and was brought to Cloverfield vet.

Dalton and Skyler

Dalton and Skyler

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“How bad is it Lani?” I asked.  “He has a shattered pelvis and is in lots of pain,” was the response.

“Bill my fund, Lani, and see that he gets whatever he needs.”

“He may have to go to Upstate, Lennie.”

“I’ll handle that, too. Keep me informed and I’ll call Dr. Allen and set it up if need be,” I said.

“It looks like he’s been well cared for, Lennie, and it’s not the first time he’s been loose.”

“We’ll worry about that another time, Lani. Right now the dog is our only concern. Tell Dr. Bogs to see he gets everything he needs.”

Lani is slow to display emotion, thus her nickname (bulldog). But my secret name for her is (pussycat), because I see trough her façade.

A month or so ago another pair were found wandering and rescued by a good friend, Linda. Their paws were frozen and they were extremely thin, especially the female.  Today Skyler, the sweet blue Tick Coon hound is being fostered with Kelly Bright, another wonderful cog that makes things happen at FHS. She has been spayed and has filled out beautifully. Some lucky family will wind up with this sweet girl because of all the great people who stepped up from the beginning. A special thanks to Christina, the greatest volunteer who has been walking Skyler daily.

Dalton, the beautiful black lab who was found with Skyler is currently with Kayla Parish.  The Service Animal Project (SAP) has accepted him and he may be leaving on the next run to Florida. In the meantime he couldn’t be in a better place than with Kayla. Someday, God willing, we’ll have a photo of Dalton with his soldier.
Unfortunately we cannot save all the dogs that are running loose. The next day after I received the message about the Boxer that was hit by a car, I received an email. It read,

“Lennie, I am so sorry to inform you that the Boxer’s damage was too intense to mend, and due to the fact that he was in extreme pain, he was humanely put to sleep.”


I read that message and wept out loud; I still mourn for this boy whom I never met.
Thanks for listening.