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Published 10:55 pm Thursday, March 19, 2015

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Last week I told the tale of Molly Sue, the sweet little Jack Russell which was abused due to a bad relationship. Though it is important that these stories come to light, I must be delicate in how I relate them.
I received a call about Bad Ass from a great rescuer, Bobbi Shannon. From now on this boy will be referred to as BA. Over the years Bobbi and I have worked together to help many families and their animals.
BA is a three year old male Boxer-Rottie mix who was brought to Cloverfield Vet. BA had climbed out of his enclosure and tore his leg on a metal strip and began bleeding profusely from the wound. Lila (his mom) was frantic because she couldn’t stop the bleeding and BA was fading from loss of blood. Finally, Cowboy from Animal Control was called and BA was brought to Cloverfield Vet. Though I had met Dr. Laura Boggs in the past, I’ve usually dealt with Dr. Maria.
I left a message with the staff that I would handle all of BA’s bills as soon as I get a chance to get to their offices, and to please see that BA got whatever he needed.
A few days later I had the time and my buddy Chuck drove me to Cloverfield to pay the bill and get information on the case. I learned that BA was bleeding so extensively it was touch and go whether he would make it. The next morning he pulled through with flying colors and of course all the staff and doctors were in love. As far as I’m concerned BA should stand for Beautiful Animal. After hugs all around I made an appointment to visit BA at his home, which would be late Saturday afternoon.

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Elaine and I drove deep into Mill Spring to visit BA and I was concerned he would not be in optimum surroundings, but I was wrong, oh, how I was wrong.
I met Lila who has her own personal injuries along with other personal family matters and I will keep it just that way (personal).
Before I met BA I noticed three other dogs in her yard plus an old timer Collie mix on her porch. All the dogs had plenty of shelter, clean water, fresh food and were healthy and happy. I could tell this by their wagging tails and yips of joy in their greeting.
Dogs have certain postures that are easy to read if you’ve been around them long enough.  I learned that she rescued the three other dogs at four weeks old and bottle-fed them in the beginning. The Collie mix that was behaving like a youngster was 20 years old; that dog was also was a rescue.

When BA was brought out to me I got to hug the beautiful boy and received a thank you kiss from him. I hugged Lila and told her I would pray for her because God takes care of those who take care of His creatures.
I have since contacted my good friend Steve King and he promised to get some of the excess dog food from FHS to assist Lila and her animals. God bless all involved and if I’ve learned one thing through the years, “It is not what is in your pocketbook but what is in your heart that makes the Boss smile.”

Thanks for listening.