It’s the little things that mean a lot

Published 10:21 pm Thursday, February 19, 2015

By Leonard Rizzo

Doctor’s appointments and dialysis three times a week are sort of holding me back from things I’d like to do. Unfortunately I won’t be able to drive for a while yet, but I’m blessed to have a bunch of drivers, along with my wife, who put up with my antics.  Thanks mostly to Chuck, Joe, Steve and Bert, and a few others who’ve filled in now and then.
Little Bit was taken care of without me even meeting her owner. The call came to me from someone I do know who told me about this little red Pekingese whose eye was damaged badly in a scrap with another dog. I was told the eye could not be saved and the removal would cost more than $500, which the owners could not afford.

I had Little Bit sent immediately to Landrum Vet to be put under the care of Lennie’s Kids. Landrum Vet is under my instructions that whenever an animal I approve comes they are to be given everything they need along with handling the initial problem. Her bill came close to $600 and that is with the generous discount my dear friend Donna always offers to my kids.

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I did get to meet Little Bit the day after her eye was removed and the poor thing was huddling in the corner of her cage.  We opened her cage door and took a few photos, and then I spoke to her.

“Don’t worry sweetheart, you’re going to get along just fine and your family is going to love you even more,” I said.

I tearfully turned to Donna, “Thanks Doc for once again taking care of one of my kids.”

“The pleasure was all mine,” she responded, flashing a smile that lights up a room.
Our sweet little girl Gidget is in a new home for a tryout. I was brought there by Barbara, who has been fostering her these past two months. I wanted the new prospective owners to know that Gidget has been living with two other dogs and three cats.  By the way, my nickname for Barbara is Little Bit, just another one of those coincidences, I suppose.
The animals at Gidget’s new prospective home were not a problem for her at all; she’s always ready for play, love and attention. I was extremely pleased with the love and care Gidget’s prospective owners displayed, but also with how knowledgeable they were.


Gidget is oh so easy to love, but all who’ve followed my kids through the years know that I’ve tried to make clear that “love is not enough.”
In the meantime we’ll try to see that these little girls get everything they need, especially the most important thing, love.
Thanks for listening.