Giving Barkley a second chance at a good life

Published 9:21 pm Thursday, January 22, 2015

Barkley is a sweet pointer-pit mix, a little over one year of age.  For as long a I live I will never cease to marvel at how some dogs maintain such a loving demeanor no matter how harshly they’ve been treated.

Two of my dear friends and amazing rescuers are Richard and Jackie Hanfman. They have been there for me or one of my kids more times than I can count.  They also volunteer for Lori Jewell and her awesome team at Pet Tender Angels. I mention this because some of my readers may not be aware of all the rescuers we have in our area and because of them animals that didn’t have a chance before get a second chance at life. I’m lucky enough to be in contact with most of them, which I and my kids count as a blessing.

For nearly a year, Jackie and a few others have been trying to get Barkley from its owner. The boy had been tied up since he was a puppy with barely adequate food, water and shelter and not an ounce of socializing and affection. I don’t know what the purpose of having this dog was, perhaps a guard dog.  The thought of that is almost laughable to anyone that knows Barkley, unless a burglar would be in fear of being licked to death.

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Finally, Barkley was rescued but not until his owners had abandoned their residence and he had been left alone for four days. When I first met Barkley I wrapped my arms around him and wept. The tears I shed were not only of sadness but of frustration that things like this happen over and over again.  I turned to Richard, Jackie and Lori and said, “Whatever this boy needs, I’d be glad to pay for with Lennie’s kids fund.”

I went to Landrum vet to handle a bill for Joey, a FHS cat whose eye had to be removed. My dear friend Dana Meyer brought him to my attention and I would say NO to Dan just as often as she’d say No to me, NEVER!  No matter who brought Joey to me, I would have helped the poor boy, but the fact that it was Dana, only sweetened the pot.  By the way, Joey is doing fine. Ask FHS about him.

I also asked how Barkley was doing and what his bill was. Dr. Raines told me Jackie had paid the bill and that Barkley had gained seven pounds in one week.

“Lennie,” Donna said, “he is so sweet.”

“I know, Donna,” I replied, fighting back tears, “We must find him the most loving home possible.”

I’d like to close with a card I received wishing me a speedy recovery.

“Lennie,” the well wisher said, “When I read this card it reminded me of you.”  The message was simple, it said: “When live gives you breadcrumbs, feed the birds.”

Thanks for listening.