The many reasons why

Published 10:45 pm Thursday, January 15, 2015

I deal with many different people and rescues along with FHS when needed. I am more
than willing to use peoples’ names so that you all know that I am by no means alone on
my crusade for my kids. I’m saying this because I’m simply angry.
Over the years when an animal comes under my purview I’ve heard every story possible
and I’ve become cynical enough to take them with a grain of salt. All too often, if a
sacrifice has to be made (no matter how small) it is the animal that suffers.
Baxter is a 9-year-old white-faced Boxer who is lively and loving as his breed usually
depicts. He’s been with a family since he was a puppy but due to a breakup he was
relegated from an inside dog to an outside dog. By the time he got to the rescue and I was
contacted, his ribs were showing and he had already picked up three different kinds of
worms. I look at this boy, hold him in my arms and I just weep.
Due to my partial foot amputation and a few other things, I cannot walk my kids each day
like I used to, so I have surrogates doing that for me when I need it. Jeanette Larsen,
along with the wonderful team at Landrum Vet, are on the job for me. Jeanette has
rescued many of my animals, and besides being a board member, she may be my number
one supporter.
While walking Baxter a few days ago, Jeanette ran out of treats she always carries with
her. When she opened her car door to retrieve some more, Baxter jumped in and she had
to coax him out. That evening this darling lady whose heart is far too large for her body,
called me weeping. Bert wanted to take Baxter home but Jeanette knew it wasn’t the best
thing for Baxter at the time.
“How do you do it?” Jeanette asked me as she wept. I, of course, began weeping with her.
“We have to always look at the big picture, though no matter how hard we try to be
impartial, one of our kids will strike us deep down in our souls,” I told her.
Baxter is in the twilight of his life. He may be with us another year or perhaps three or
four. I will be more than happy to handle all his needs should someone take him into their
I don’t know how to mend peoples’ hearts or have an answer to the reason why they make
such choices. I’ll leave that to a higher power; all I can do is pick up the pieces where I
can. If you can, please open your hearts and your home to this beautiful boy. We could all use another little infusion of love.
Bless you all and thanks for listening.

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