Western Carolina Hunter Pace and Trail Ride Series

Published 10:15 pm Thursday, December 4, 2014

Series Standings, Nov. 17, 2014


After five of the 17 scheduled events of the 2014-15 Western Carolina Hunter Pace and Trail Ride Series, the standings are as follows:

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Total # Riders: 412


Field Hunters: 167


υBecca Drumgool and Addison Sama have lengthened their lead with 35 series points to date.

υBeth Goldizen is holding on to second place with 31 points at this writing.

υShelli Nelson has earned 28 points for third place at this time.

υPaula Moore has moved up to fourth place with 26 series points earned to date.

υElyssa LaRock is currently in fifth with 24 points.

υSara Riggins and Donna Schwind have 23 series points at this time to put them in sixth Place.

υBaylis Mitchell is in seventh with 18 points at this writing.

υErin Gambrel, Emily Mitchell and Anne Pierce are tied in eighth with 17 points each.

υIrene Backer, Arlene Lulavage, Elise Rogers and Sherry Wyatt are currently tied in ninth place with 16 points apiece.

υKaren Brockway and Nancy Mason are close behind in tenth with 15 series points.

υTed Andrus, Baiba Bourbeau and Beatrice Lamb have each earned 13 points to date.

υAmanda Aiello, Faith and Stephanie Wanicka have each earned 12 points to date.

υAlicia Sama and Eileen Taylor have a current count of 11 series points.

υPenny Sullivan and Susan Wallahora currently have ten points apiece.

υJoyce Smartt, Julie Souverielle and Tiffany Swiney have earned nine series points each.

υLorie Fleenor, Betty Hill, Patti Lovelace, Brenda McNenny, Gena Meredith and Lindsey Newsom have accumulated eight points each at this writing.

υReed McNutt has earned seven series points to date.

υSylvia Brown, Anna Dalton, Kelly Hart, Rod Hawk, Judy Heinrich, Anna and Madelon Mostrom, Lyn Owen, Reta Robbins, Suzanne Rogers, Cindy Stafford, Aileen and Allen Wawrzaszek have six points each at this time.

υRebecca Horne, Courtney Kuhne, Jane Polk and Sarah Simpson have earned five points each.

υMelanie Allen, Joanna Cullen, Stephanie Easler, Joni Fielding, Eliza and Emelia Fredrick, Carla Fullam, Elizabeth Gregory, Anna and Emily Hengstmann, Claire Isham, Anna LaVigne, Laura Leonard, Ashley Martin, Beth McGreger, April Pauley Mink, Carrie Nicholson, Katie Pierce, Jules Porter, Patricia Randall, Madison Waugh and Jillian Woolridge have each earned four points.

υBenny Jackson has earned three series points to date.

υTwo completion points each to: Lizz Adkins, Annie Ager, Pricilla Arthur, Bryan Baire, Lisa Baugh, Kathy Bethka, Makayla Bowling, Cindy Boyle, Sydney Brown, Dana Cain, Melissa Champion, Anita Crouse, Judith Crow, Stephanie Culbertson, Janet Cummings, Lisa Duscio, Anna Featherston, Isabella Field, Melane Flewelling, Emily Fowler, Suess Fraser, Chloe Freedman, Heather Freeman, Caprice Fullam, Hilary Garrison, Catherine Gillet, Lorin Grimsley, Anitra & Calvin Halford, Anna Harlan, Peg Henneke, Katie Hixson, Kathy Hodge, Daniel Holycross, Keri-Ann Jenkins, Ines Jennings, Lilly Johnson, Cynthia King, Nancy Kruger, DeeAnn Ladwig, Marsha Lanier, Anne McIver, Elizabeth McLean, Karen Merrill, Claire Moore, Lisa Moore, Richard and Wendy Newbegin,  Kristen Osgood, Kaitlyn Owen, Ted Owen, Erin & Reine Pagliano, Lauren Paris, Gail Patton, Harold Pfeiffer, Krista Rose, marc & Rachel Sauve, Stephanie Schulte, Olivia Senar, Amy Shanahan, Debra Shytle, Lauren Smith, Teresa Snyder, C.R, Carol, Kirsten & Thomas Stanley, Andrea Stoll, Jenny Taylor, Debbie Thrasher, Lisa Trojan, Melissa Van Wert, Sheila Veatch, Andrew Von Canon, Julie Walker, Roanne Welsh, Brittany Whitmire, CeeCee Wilmanns and Valerie Wrobel.

υKatie Brichenough, Greg Cumberford, Marbie Kollath, Megan Lapkoff, Shauna Moore, Kelly Rappuchi and Carli and Margret stiles have each earned one series point for attending and supporting the events, although unable to complete.


Trail Riders: 245


υMissy Bright and Jan Smith have taken over the lead with 23 series points to date.

υAlaina Brooks and Tevis Cazedessus are in second place with 21 points at this writing.

υDoug and Nicole Cobb have moved up into third place with 18 series points earned.

υCathleen Coggins, Karen and Richard Peterson are currently tied in fourth place with 17 points.

υJennifer Smith is close behind in fifth with 16 points earned at this writing.

υDeAnna Ermson has moved up to sixth place with 15 series points at this time.

υNancy Hasselbring, Donna Searby, David and Donna Taylor, and Jean and Marcy Wright are all tied in Seventh with a current count of 12 points apiece.

υMelinda O’Duggan and D’Lee Worden share eighth place honors with 11 points each.

υDoreen Simmons has earned ten series points to put her in ninth place at this time.

υLibby Arnold, Rebecca Barnes, Jennifer Bost, Anne Schmid, Eddie and Melissa Van Doren and Rick Webel are currently tied in tenth with nine Series points each.

υLani Hasselbring, Llyn Joset, Debra Kennerly, Amanda Morfinos, Valerie Quinn, Debbi Stanfield and Bobby Turner have each earned eight series points to date.

υMary Aoyagi, Bryan Baire, Felicia Duck, Susan Haslam, Sandra Hyder, Liz Johnson, Alex Jordan, Danielle Lamb, Marsha Lanier, Claire B. Long, Casey Morris, Ann Ramsey, Debbie Ross, Debbie Shugart, Laurel Watson, and Kris and Rebecca Woodaman have each earned seven series points at this writing.

υHolly Bacola, Linda and Wayne Farris, Catherine Gillet, Julie and Lily Laramie, Kathryn Long, Pam Rider, Sally Rock, Alex Roncati and Rachel Sauve have each earned six series points to date.

υEmma and Molly Brockinton, Corinne Driver, Sara and Teresa Lyter, Jessica Myers, Sarah Pursel, Christina Stixrud and Cameron Ward have five points apiece.

υCourtney Abrams, Katie Birchenough, Susie Brown, Jackie Burke, Dana Cain, Kelly Cannon, Virginia Chibbaro, Samuel Crain, Greg Cumberford, Elizabeth Dicey, Patricia Dumit, Jan Ellis, Sherry Garnes, Kristen Hughes, Kim Kupferer, Linda Lambert, Ronnie Mann, Angela McGehe, Carrie Nicholson, Mary Pharr, Ditte Phillips, Jules Porter, Diane Roemer, Jill Slinger, Carol Stanley, Sara Stickel, Gloria and Vince Verrecchio, and Glenda Wolf have each earned four points to date.

υSherri Dale and Connie Moore have each earned three series points.

υTwo completion points earned apiece by: Ella and Laura Adams, Annie Ager, Melanie Allen, Christine Altes, Toni Anderson, Ted Andrus, Jodi Bader, Victoria Bailey, Jennifer Bannister, Susan Bargeloh, Lauren and Toni Bergrud, Anna Biork, Shea Black, Madison Borgel, Shaila Bowman, Carrie Brandt, Holly Breaux, Nellie Brennecke, Jason Brickner, Meredith Brock, Brandy Brown, Chris Cannon, Candice Carr, Al Caudle, Mary Clarkson, Shannon Collins, Janet Cummings, Katla and Sara Dale, Judi DeBeuf, Robin Derrick, Tera Dudis, Jane and Mark Eden, Kathlyn Edwards, Jennifer Evans, Loreen Finn, Erin Fletcher, Gale Ford, Suess Fraser, Jennifer Grant, Paula Hammond, Gerry, Jack and Nish Hartman, Katie Haseloff, Liz Heiden, Vard Henry Susan Justus Hill, Terral Hill, Emma Claire Hoffman, Kailey Holden, Bruce and Elizabeth Holzschuh, Peggy Horton, Kelsey Hudson, Delene and Laurel Huggins, Eden Isbell, Lori James, Libbie Johnson, Kimmy Katzenberger, Dana Kind, Fred and Susan Knickerbocker, Peri Lambros, Carol Land, Sandra Larson, Daniel LaVigne, Teresa Lewis, Kathryn  Love, Biddie Lowry, Arlene Lulavage, Misha Marshall,  Lauren McCraw, Rhonda Medlin, Renee Melton-Smith, Cynthia Milligan, Carole Milne,  Dot Moyer, Colleen Murphy, Rachel O’Brien, Stephanie O’Neill, Katie Ostrom, Cassie Painter, Jennifer Perkins, Katie Pierce, Jane Patten Polk, Shuler Polk, Susan Pollard, Daniel Pope, Kathy and Martin Powell, Lindsey Pressley, Charlene and Lily Quinn, Patricia Randall, Mary Schultz Rathbon, Erica Revelle, Suzy Richman, Ellen and Julie Rieth, Elaine Rizzo, Jaime Robertson, Tammy Rollins, Samantha Roubaud, Audrey Salisbury, Pat Salomon, Forrest Samuels, Marc Sauve, Deb Schmitz, Nikki Schweizer, Kylie Simms, Hollin Amelia Smith, Jennifer R. Smith, C.R., Kirsten and Thomas Stanley, Sara Stepp, Ivey Sumrell, Allen and Jenny Taylor, Pamela Temby, Leslie Threlkeld, Lauren Wade, Darcy and Ottis Wagner, Brittany Ward, Cathy Weaver, Audrey Williams, Anita Williamson, David and Hunter Wilson, GeorJeana Worley, Susan Wykel and Kris Yon.

υMia and Tristan Dube, Trisha Dunn, Barbara Horne and Michelle Stevenson have each earned one series point for attending and supporting the events, although unable to complete.

We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming events. Come out and enjoy the day with the River Valley Pony Club when they host their annual Winter Hunter Pace and Trail Ride on Sunday, Dec. 7 before we take a break for the holidays.

Events will pick back up on Jan. 11 and continue straight thru May with a short break for Easter, so be sure to check the schedule and come play with us! Always remember to check the website WCHPace.org for all upcoming events, news, articles, photos, placements and contact information. Thank you to our photographer, Lou Smith for being at every event to capture the riders and their mounts as they fly over jumps, canter through the fields and enjoy the beautiful area trails. For information on the Western Carolina Hunter Pace and Trail Ride Series email series coordinator, Jan Smith at Jan@WCHPace.org or call Jan at 828-894-8760.


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by Jan Smith