Tips to keep the community safe this holiday season

Published 10:07 pm Thursday, December 4, 2014

Holiday safety tips:

When out shopping, remember to put items of value out of sight if you leave them in your vehicle while in stores. Keep in mind that if you leave your curtains open so people can see your tree inside, people can also see into your residence and all the presents under the tree. It may entice a thief to commit a breaking and entering into your residence.

Also remember that when parking your vehicle before entering the store, try to park in a well-lit area. If a thief thinks they will be seen it will deter them. It also will help you be more visible when walking to your vehicle when leaving the store.

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Winter safety tips: 

When leaving your vehicle running to warm up in the morning, have a spare key so that you are able to lock the doors of the vehicle while it is unoccupied. It is not a foolproof plan, but it means a thief will have to go through extra steps to steal your vehicle. It will delay them from taking your vehicle or even deter them altogether.


Keep safe and happy holidays.

Sheriff Donald J. Hill