Sometimes I wonder what will be next?

Published 10:09 pm Thursday, December 4, 2014

About a few months ago, out of nowhere, my whole world began to collapse in on me.  At first I was having trouble breathing and I couldn’t get any decent sleep. An emergency trip to St. Luke’s hospital revealed I was having heart problems and wasn’t pumping sufficient oxygen. While checking heart problems, I learned I had a mass on my lung.  Radiation was proscribed for the cancer in a procedure called Cyber Knife. The doctors concluded that my heart may not have been strong enough for simple removal of the mass.

Meanwhile my heart was not strong enough to pump blood to my extremities and the pain in my feet was unbearable. I was brought to Mission hospital in Asheville where a stent was placed in my legs to help blood flow. The day I arrived, it was learned that my kidney was failing so badly I may not have made it through the night. I was immediately rushed to dialysis, and thank the Lord, I pulled through.

There has been an outpouring of love and prayer from the community that my kids and I couldn’t ever repay. We’ve come a long way and your support has meant just as much as the medical care I’ve received.

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After three weeks of intensive care I am finally home. I will be on dialysis three times a week and must learn how to walk all over again for I’ve lost half my foot on both legs.  There is a long way to go but all involved are astonished at the progress already made.

As I write this Carol and Carmella, two of my kittens are running across the table and Charma, my boxer, is at my feet expecting a pet every ten seconds. Normally I’d be annoyed as I’m trying to think, but at this moment my heart is so full of joy I just may burst.
Through it all I have been keeping my board to my 501(c)3 active and we are still rescuing my kids. The animals need you, so in those cards full of love, prayers and encouragement, please add a little something for my kids.
We’ll talk about Little Girl (an amputee) and maybe Holly (deformed leg) next week.

I’ve been told that Polk County is blessed to have me here, but that is wrong, it is I who is blessed being here in Polk County.

Love to you all and as always,

Thanks for listening.