Win my vote

Published 10:41 pm Tuesday, October 14, 2014

To the editor:

Dear republicans,

I am independent with my votes. I will vote for a republican candidate if I am impressed by that candidate.

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I will never vote for a party or candidate that systematically tries to diminish votes and voters. The Republican Party has done this in the whole country and strongly in North Carolina by suppressing college student voting venues at universities here and other methods . This was done by trying to not allow students at colleges to be considered  residents.

The last republican run for the office of president  was a tragic comedy. Please impress me.
Republicans, stop suppressing votes and voters.

Please start to try to win my vote with substance. Win my vote with something more than throwing emotional issues, and hot button issues like birth control.
Encourage voters, win my vote.

Win my vote by being for the people, not by supporting big business like Wal-Mart who interviews and hires new employees while coaching them to apply for welfare since that salary makes them eligible. So we subsidize Wal-mart’s enormous profits.

Impress me, do not suppress me. Win my vote.


— Garland Rice, 

Columbus, N.C.