Longer hunting season for Polk starting this year

Published 5:00 pm Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Area hunters will have a longer season this year for the first time in Polk County
following the state approving a five-week gun season compared to the previous
three weeks.

The Polk County Board of Commissioners met Sept. 22 with N.C. Wildlife Officer
Toby Jenkins who announced the extended season beginning this year.

The state changed Polk’s season this year to coincide with Rutherford and Cleveland
County deer seasons.

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This year’s gun season will begin the Monday prior to Thanksgiving and run until
Dec. 27, giving hunters another two weeks to hunt.

Jenkins said this gives people who work through the week five Saturdays to hunt as
well as a few days during Christmas break.

Polk commissioners in late 2011 approved a resolution in support of extending deer
season in Polk County. Commissioners at the time said it made more sense for Polk
to follow the same season as Rutherford and Cleveland Counties.

“Polk has the highest check in for deer harvested of any county in the entire district
from here to Murphy,” Jenkins told commissioners.

This season includes that either sex of deer can be taken on private land the first
week and the last week of the season.

Bow hunting season began in early September, with bow hunters subject to gun
hunting rules once gun season is open.

Jenkins also said a youth day is being planned to allow children to hunt in order for
them to get a jump-start on the season prior to adults.

With the new two-week extended season, students will have Christmas break to go
hunting this year, Jenkins said.

Jenkins was asked about the landowner protection act by a commissioner. Jenkins
said private property owners who do not want to place signs on their property to
prohibit hunting can paint a stripe with purple paint three-five feet high and at least
eight inches long, which is the equivalent of a written sign. The paint on trees has to
be visible from each other.

Jenkins also said anyone who wants to hunt bear this year will need to purchase the
new $10 bear management stamp in addition to the regular hunting license and big
game license.

More information about hunting in North Carolina can be found at

By Leah Justice