Tryon to spend $6,500 on partial sidewalk repairs

Published 10:00 pm Tuesday, September 30, 2014

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by Leah Justice

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The Town of Tryon opted to repair a portion of the sidewalk between Maple and Oak Streets downtown at a cost of $6,500 after receiving a quote of $23,000 to repair the entire sidewalk.

Tryon council met Sept. 16 and approved going forward with repairing the sidewalk from Owen’s Pharmacy to Buck’s Pizza.

During its August meeting, commissioner Roy Miller had asked to receive an estimate to repair the entire section of sidewalk rather than just a portion, since the equipment would be there and businesses would already be disrupted.

During the Sept. 16 meeting, Miller was not in attendance, but town manager Joey Davis said the estimate received from contractors Trace & Company came back at $23,000 to do all the repairs.

Davis said it was his recommendation to do repairs up to Buck’s because that section is in the worst condition.

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Davis also said the town could absorb the $6,500 expense but not $23,000 expense.

Commissioner George Baker said he would love to repair the entire sidewalk but it doesn’t look like it’s in the cards for the town. He said the town is getting a little carried away with expenses in his opinion.

Tryon just finished upgrading Maple Street with new sidewalks, paving, parking spaces and bump-outs, also done by Trace & Company. Some of the Maple Street sidewalks were paid for by a Polk County Community Foundation grant ($20,000). Trace & Company is also currently working on phase I of the Depot Plaza, which has involved the removal of trees, which will be replaced, and repaving as well as other upgrades. The main parking lot was repaved last week at the Depot Plaza with more paving planned. Most of the Depot Plaza is being paid for through a grant ($150,000) but the town also paid for the replacement of utility lines prior to the paving as well as paid to have the paving completely redone because of cracks that would return if the asphalt was only resurfaced. The town is expected to spend approximately $40,000 for the depot plaza project.