More important issues

Published 10:00 pm Friday, September 26, 2014

To the Editor:
Michael Gage’s comments with regard to the minutes of a closed session by the prior Board in 2010 seemed to be both childish and petty, since it would appear he added the item to the agenda in a carefully orchestrated attempt simply to disparage the previous board.
Weren’t there any more important issues to be discussed? Well, perhaps in his newfound ‘spirit of transparency’ he will explain why at the meeting of the current Board on Jan. 7 of 2013, the resolution to allow trapping was formulated, passed and forwarded to the legislature prior to hearing and/or considering the objections of many people and several organizations.
His reply to my email expressing disapproval of the issue and their hasty actions said, in essence, that he was in favor of it, it had already been submitted and too bad for me.

– Becky Walker
Tryon, N.C.

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