Hills of tackiness

Published 10:50 pm Tuesday, September 23, 2014

To the editor:

This observer/commentator on the local scene has some words for the County Commissioners:

Gentlemen (and I use the term advisedly, since my Southern Grandmother who heard the shells go over her house during the Siege of Vicksburg always advised me to be courteous):

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Some time ago, the correspondent wrote of a few verses he had scribbled of “Deck the Hills (or Halls) with Acts of Folly” – copies of which are available. Much has happened in the interim, including a lady being escorted out of the Commissioners’ meeting when she tried to respond to “slanderous allegations.”

It appears four commissioners have descended from the Hills of Folly to – or past – the Foothills of tackiness, and are approaching the valley of the boors. Surely, gentlemen, your mothers and grandmothers did not teach you such behavior. Aside from your apparent unawareness of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s dictum on “consistency,” you have now inspired me to start work on a new song, “We Four Boors of Polk County Are…”. The first verse is now finished.

Hopefully, a chance to cool off and re-think your positions on the First Amendment will give rise to a modification of your current policy in favor of a more open – and welcoming – approach.


Bill Holcomb,
Tryon, N.C.