A great lady looking for a friend with a big heart

Published 10:00 pm Thursday, September 4, 2014

mya 001
Before we begin today’s tale, let’s get the health issues out of the way. I’ve had my last radiation treatment and except for some weird side effects, I’m doing fine. Supposedly whatever was done is still working and I’ll have to go back in early December to find out if we got it all.
Patti Peake and I went to UVS to pick up Tripp, the little Walker Hound that I first thought was a Beagle. Tripp was struck by a vehicle, broken hip on one side and a fractured leg on the other. My dear friend Dr. Allen did the operation that lasted over three hours. Dr. Allen explained to us how he and his team cut corners on the fees so as to build in a special “Uncle Lennie” discount. It was still quite expensive but he saved us hundreds of dollars. Best of all, Tripp’s operation was successful and he will heal like new.
I call my good friend Keith the Rembrandt of veterinarian surgeons. Patti brought him a bottle of Glen Fettich scotch and Keith said,” You don’t have to do this,” though I could see he was a bit embarrassed but visibly pleased. “Keith,” I said, “I don’t want you to think that this is a bribe, I want you to know it.” With that we all laughed and I swear, even Tripp had a big smile on his face. By age, looks and size, Tripp almost could be a littermate of my Lucy who is also at Landrum vet; they are just about 1 year old. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they were adopted together? I guess I’m still allowed to dream, aren’t I?
Now to the heart of the matter, sweet Mya:
Mya was brought into Landrum as a stray and the dear lady said she would pay her boarding for awhile untill an owner or a new home became available. Well, the money has run out and I (as promised) have taken on her fees.
You just would not believe how beautiful, sweet and friendly this Siberian Husky is. We haven’t found a single thing wrong with her and the fact that she wasn’t claimed simply baffles us. I guess Mya being approximately 8 years old may be considered a determent, but I think it’s a positive.
It’s kind of hard to explain but somehow I deem it a privilege to be allowed to spend some time with her.
If you have room in your heart to let this great lady live out her life with you, please contact me or Landrum vet. I know one thing; she certainly has room in her heart for you.
Thanks for listening.

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