It’s not charity – it’s human investment

Published 10:00 pm Tuesday, September 2, 2014

People in Polk County struggle with hunger every single day. September is National Hunger Action Month and Outreach Ministry offers 30 ways to participate in 30 days. Thermal Belt Outreach Ministry, located in Columbus, feeds hundreds of families every week that would otherwise not have enough to eat. During the school year, hundreds of Polk County students are fed through the Outreach Feed-A-Kid program. Hunger Action Month is part of a nationwide movement each September to bring awareness of and action against hunger. Remembering that the opposite of hungry is not full, it’s HEALTHY, check out how you can spend a little effort every day this month to help solve hunger issues in Polk County. It’s a matter of national security.
u9/1: Make a commitment to take action to end hunger in Polk County.
9/2: Join Outreach and Go Orange this month.
9/3: Donate your Facebook Status and share your commitment to end hunger.
9/4: Participate in Hunger Action Month’s national kick-off by wearing orange tomorrow.
9/5: Join Outreach for supper and a showing of the documentary “A Place at the Table: One Nation, Underfed”
9/6: Share this calendar with friends and ask them to join you this month.
9/7: Turn in an overdue book to a Polk County Library, bring in a can of food and have your fine waived.
9/8: Like Outreach’s Facebook page and learn of their mission of compassionate assistance.
9/9: Volunteer a morning or afternoon at the Outreach food pantry.
9/10: Turn your Facebook cover photo orange.
9/11: Schedule a Hunger Advocacy Speaker for your workplace or church. Call 828.894.2988
9/12: Organize a healthy food drive in your neighborhood.
9/13: Take the SNAP Challenge. From September 15 through the 21, eat on only $4.50 a day. Visit to learn how.
9/14: Commit to educating yourself about hunger in the community.
9/15: Become an Outreach Ambassador. Call Anna McClure at 828-894-2988.
9/16: Write a letter to the editor and share your view on hunger with the community.
9/17: Challenge local elected officials to help create a hunger free community.
9/18: Post this list at work and/or your place of worship.
9/19: Have a recipe for a healthy, inexpensive dish? Share it on your Facebook wall.
9/20: Visit Outreach’s website and learn how we are working to end hunger in Polk County.
9/21: Help spread the word that 1 in 6, or 50 million Americans are hungry.
9/22: Plan a fund drive for Outreach at your workplace or faith community.
9/23: If you are a business owner, donate a portion of one day’s proceeds to Outreach.
9/24: Visit one of our area’s farmer’s markets or donate a Winter CSA from Manna Cabanna to a family in need. Support local farmers while giving yourself and/or another family the gift of nutritious food.
9/25: Get the IPhone/Android app “Charity Miles” and donate the miles you walk, run, or ride to Feeding America.
9/26: Watch Feeding America’s YouTube video channel and discuss the videos with your family.
9/27: Educate yourself and others – one in four children in Polk County struggle with hunger.
9/28: Advocate. Write your congressman and make your voice heard.
9/29: Begin your fall garden and donate excess produce to Outreach.
9/30: Join Outreach at 5:30 p.m. to continue the discussion about hunger.
For more ways you, your friends and family can take action against hunger, visit or call 828=894-2988.

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