The best laid plans

Published 10:00 pm Thursday, August 28, 2014

pg 27 Holly
As I begin this tale I wish to relate that I have completed my fourth radiation treatment with one to go. I’m a bit nauseous and sort of weak and tired, which was to be expected, but things are going well and I’m feeling fine.
Holly, the beautiful young German Shepherd, came in from Connecticut to have her deformed leg worked on by my good friend Dr. Keith Allen at Upstate Veterinary Specialists. Troy and Ivana, his new owners, couldn’t be more delightful and I’m more than pleased Holly is in their hands.
We learned that Holly had some bone spurs and a few other issues in her right foreleg, the one opposite the deformity. Since that leg will be weight bearing when the operation is done, we fixed that one first. Holly is back home healing and will be back in a month to six weeks for the main operation. An expense I didn’t foresee but Dr. Allen (bless him) kept the fees at a minimum.
I haven’t had the time nor the strength to walk sweet Lucy, the thin walker hound with the skin problems. Saddest part of al is tat I haven’t had the chance to win her over and she treats me warily when I visit her cage. The staff at Landrum tell me she’s doing fine and Dr. Donna Raines told me, “We’ll take care of Lucy Lennie, you just take care of yourself.” Bless her also.
Little Squeaky, the Chihuahua, is back home and all bills are paid, I’ll check on how he’s doing at a further date.
I’ve had contacts with Lori Jewell, Patti Peake, Bobbi Shannon and Ann Goodheart, all rescuers, on other matters.
To Bobbi, the bunnies have been spayed, neutered and all boarding has been paid.
To Patti, as soon as all the info is in we’ll do something about the sweet Beagle who was struck by a car and has two broken legs. I’m sure I can enlist Dr. Allen to make thing right and help with the fees.
To Ann, thanks for your help with the Doberman; as soon as I get all parties together I’m sure our big handsome boy will be in a proper home. By the way, Ann is one of the co-founders of the K9 for warriors program, an organization near and dear to my heart. Please don’t forget the spaghetti dinner at the American Legion on Depot St. Saturday evening from 5 to 7:30 p.m. All proceeds go to assist in the training of these magnificent animals and the heroes they’ll be befriending.
By the time you read this I should have completed my last treatment. Maybe then I could begin gaining some strength and start doing something to help my kids. Just kidding. Thanks for all the prayers and the donations, small and large; all of you are all the strength I need.
Thanks for listening.
– Lennie Rizzo

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