Politics, pure and simple

Published 10:00 pm Tuesday, August 26, 2014

To the editor:
I couldn’t help but laugh when I read about the recent uprising against the Republican controlled Board of Commissioners on their proposed changes to the rules for citizens’ comments. It wasn’t that I considered their proposal amusing, it was the comments made by some Democratic Party supporters who felt the rule changes were biased against their cause that was amusing. Talk about calling the kettle black. I remember a number of years ago when the BOC was controlled by the Democratic Party and they invoked a rule change to limit commenters to three minutes in an effort to supposedly speed up the meeting. Actually on the surface it wasn’t a bad idea, but in the real world it turned out that it was implemented to stifle Republican commenters by strictly limiting their comments to exactly three minutes, while allowing Democratic commenters to consistently exceed the time limit. Hard to believe? Well, I can tell from personal experience that’s what happened – it happened to me on more than one occasion.
My advice to all you folks who have a problem with what you perceive that what’s being proposed is directed against you, is get over it. Without analyzing the merits of the proposed change, you should really be concerned about it being implemented fairly. I hope that the BOC does just that. And if they disappoint me and you, then all I can say is it is politics, pure and simple.

– Karl Kachadoorian, Tryon

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