PCFI to launch 2015 Tryon International Film Festival in 3Q 2015

Published 6:30 pm Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Polk County Film Initiative (PCFI) is expanding its theme of bringing film production to Polk County by launching the 2015 Tryon International Film Festival (TIFF). The festival organizers are targeting 3Q 2015 with an array of independent titles which will premier over a two-day period at multiple venues in and around Tryon, N.C.
The films will be accompanied by a delegation of film makers, actors, writers and support members. “It is our mission to showcase not only the best of American independent films but also productions from film makers around the world as well,” said Lavin Cuddihee, the Tryon Film Festival’s director. “We are excited about continuing to immerse our area in the industry of film making because Tryon already has a rich cinematic history,” continued Cuddihee.
TIFF is expected to boost the economy of the picturesque equestrian community as the organizers reach out to international film makers who want to launch their work at a highly attended and well organized festival. “We have learned from film makers who tour the festival circuit, that the best festivals are those which are run by professional event planners and organizers and we believe that this will be one of the many keys to our success,” said Cuddihee.
One of the multiple venues under consideration for the premiers will be the historic Tryon Theatre, which through history has been a favorite of some of the most well-known authors, actors and artists in the world. Errol Flynn, David Niven and F. Scott Fitzgerald each have given high praise to the historic theatre and the surrounding community. A life-size statue of Nina Simone, a legendary jazz, blues and folk musician sits just across the street from the theater honoring the memory as one of Tryon’s most famous artists.
While the complete line-up is not expected to be released until mid-2015, the selection committee already has two titles under consideration as more inquiries come in. The Tryon Festival is not the first extension of PCFI’s mission; the announcement comes on the heels of two highly successful independent film premiers which were held within in three months of each other. Chris and Emily White’ CINEMA PURGATORIO and Nikki Braendlin’s LA-based Indie production AS HIGH AS THE SKY, each injected enthusiasm into the already charged town of Tryon.
Working closely with the Western Carolina Film Commission in location scouting efforts, PCFI just recently completed a project for NBC Playground, which is in the search of the next big television comedy hit. “It is becoming clear to the organizers on our team that the town of Tryon is and will continue to be the place to both shoot and premier independent film titles. I also firmly believe that our festival (TIFF) will be a prime location for film makers striving to gain access to the highly competitive distribution wheel,” said Cuddihee

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by Kirk Gowlitzer

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