Prayers offered, prayers received

Published 10:00 pm Thursday, August 21, 2014

It is Monday afternoon and I’m laying beneath a huge machine administering the first of five radiation treatments I’ll be receiving for a small lung tumor. The room is star studded and music from Sinatra and others waft through the room at my request. An unexplained feeling of calm and serenity fills my soul for I’m aware that all that can be done both spiritually and physically is being done. I actually smile as I whisper thanks to the Lord for all He has given me. “Thy will be done.” I spend the hours thinking of how my kids are doing and what I’ll write about this week.
Sweet Peaches my tri-pod Rotti mix is in a foster to adopt with Natalie, who is one great lady. Two visits have been made and I am ecstatic with the love and care afforded this game little girl.
Amelia, the injured German Shorthair, has one more trip to the specialists Upstate (Greenville) but she’s healing nicely. She will be in a forever home soon, one that Christina, her foster mom and benefactor, must approve. I smile to myself “that ought to be fun.”
Sweet little Squeaky, a Chihuahua, has teeth problems and maybe something wrong with his leg. The family is struggling to pay the bill; Uncle Lennie has handled past bills and will see his teeth and leg are looked at. Squeaky gave me a lick on the nose as his tearful family thanked me. As far as I’m concerned, debt paid.
Last week Lily, a 10-month-old hound (possibly Walker) was brought into Landrum vet. Lily is tiny for her breed; a bit malnourished and has a skin problem. The folks who brought her in wanted her put to sleep because they couldn’t afford her. Doctor Donna Raines at Landrum called me and with her help we’ll fix her skin problem, fatten her up and heal whatever else ails her. And then (God willing) we’ll find her a loving home. I’ve walked her once, she’s a bit skittish, but she’ll come around once she feels the love all around her.
On Wednesday Holly, a sweet German shepherd, born with a deformed leg will be taken to Dr. Allen at UVS. I wrote about her briefly but we had to wait for her to grow. She has been adopted to a sweet family in Connecticut and has a Golden Retriever as a playmate. My major case fund will handle all expenses as promised and my dear friends the Picones will put them up till Holly can travel and heal at home.
I open my eyes and look up at the star studded ceiling again. Nat King Cole is singing, “You stepped out of a dream”. I once again smile contentedly, “I’m doing as I promised Lord, the rest is in Your hands.”

Thanks for listening.
-Leonard Rizzo

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