Four too many

Published 10:00 pm Thursday, August 14, 2014

Outside the Larson’s home you will find more bird feeders and homes than there are birds. Also there are feeders for squirrels, raccoons, possums, voles, mice, chipmunks and an occasional giraffe, if it could make it there. Flowers and plants of every kind are strewn both inside and outside the house for Bert and Jeanette love all forms of nature. Of course in such an environment, nature thrives, I’ve seen squirrels so big, I was tempted to throw a saddle on them.
Inside the home is full of domestic animals, at the moment four dogs and 15 cats, all rescues.
Many of the Larson pets are Lennie’s kids who survive today because of the love, care and expense offered them by Bert and Jeanette. Some, sad to say have come and gone and I remember each one. You see the Larson’s rescue animals not because of their looks but because of their need. I wish I knew a hundred more like them but then again I don’t know if the world is ready for another Jeanette Larson.
There are others of the same mold, my good friends Emmy and Dana come to mind but for the purpose of today’s tale we’ll stick with the Larson’s.
Now with all the feeding of the wildlife strays occasionally wander in. Around six months ago Bert and Jeanette finally trapped Miss Daisy, a scrawny little female black and white cat that existed only because of the Larson’s feeding. After months of isolation along with food and socializing Miss Daisy finally gave up her wild ways and wanders with the rest of the menagerie. Of course I’m not convinced it’s the same cat, this sleek shiny beauty cannot be the scrawny waif that was caught months ago. Okay, so now, that was 10 cats.
A few months ago little Sambo came around, tiny and thin and needing help. “The poor thing,” Jeanette said, “it won’t make it out there on its own.” Another month of feeding and coaxing and finally Sambo allowed himself to be caught and was immediately brought to Landrum vet. The next morning after some emergency surgery the Larson’s were informed the Sambo was Samba and she had four newborn kittens to prove it. Jeanette went into mother hen mode and a nursery was setup so Samba could raise her kittens with every cat amenity known to man.
I guess I should have titled this story “five too many” because I forgot Samba midst all the chaos. You guessed it; the feline total is now 15. The three young males and one female are now wreaking havoc at the Larson’s. There are more cat toys in these rooms than there are at Pet Smart but all of Jeannette’s knick knacks are much more fun.
So little Sachmo, Elvis, Frankie and Ella: welcome to the mad, chaotic, loving and wonderful world of the Larson’s. It wasn’t by accident that Momma Samba found her way there; she knew exactly what she was doing.

Thanks for listening.

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