Stand against hate

Published 7:31 am Wednesday, August 6, 2014


To the editor:

I was excited and encouraged to read Deon Dunn’s well-researched Letter to the Editor (“Setting the Record Straight,” July 30, 2014), bringing to the community’s attention Ms. Kristina Ann Provines’ moral courage in risking arrest, by taking a hate speech t-shirt off the GOP rack during Columbus’s Fourth of July Celebration, throwing it on the ground and refusing to pay for it.

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Ms. Provines’ moral courage is cut from the same mold as Martin Luther King, the lunch counter sit-in protesters and all others of conscience who, throughout American history, have taken a stand against hate, despite personal cost.

Thank you, Mr. Dunn, for bringing Ms. Provines’ moral courage to the community’s attention. Polk County needs more Kristina Ann Provines. Stand against hate, Polk County! Despite personal cost. It’s time for the hate people to hit the road. Your time here is finished.


-Lee Stockdale