It was time to call in the troops for back up

Published 11:49 pm Thursday, July 17, 2014

“The innocence of the imagination is willing to see new possibilities in what appears to be fixed and framed. There is a ‘moreness’ to everything that can never be exhausted.” ~ John O’Donohue  

Three men armed with a battalion of weed-eaters, mowers, hedge-trimmers are fighting the jungle outside: hacking, sawing, and the roar of artillery at ear-splitting levels. This time of year when heat and humidity take a terrible toll on my puny one-woman efforts to keep things halfway mowed and weed-whacked, it was time to call in troops for back up, at least until temperatures cool. I’ve always done my own yard work: for financial reasons and because I’m stubborn, figuring as long as I can do it, that’s a plus. An ole girl’s tough-factor melts quicker than ice in July’s heat.

Finding help is never as easy as it looks. One nice young man showed up twice to look things over—offered a reasonable quote and even offered to do some bartering in exchange for art lessons. I could not believe my good fortune! He earnestly promised to show and get the yard spruced up for open studio weekend; I was beyond relieved, I could have kissed his feet, or maybe mower at least. Until he didn’t show—and left me hanging. You know it: I was out there in that jungle: sweating, mowing, fussing at gnats, mosquitoes, and people who don’t keep their word; steam arising from my angst helping push that mower even harder.

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The next guy promised to call ‘at the first of the week’. The first of the week came and went. The last of the week came. No call. Nothing. I wondered if there is a secret “Do Not Call (or show up)” blacklist of sorts. I checked the phone. Just in case it was out-of-order. Meanwhile, the encroaching jungle looked like tigers might lurk in shadows, monkeys might swing from vines, the dread kudzu monster stalking close by. Desperate, I called Jay’s Lawn Service to plead if they’d swing by and help: a number of years ago, they’d done a spruce-up job for me before Art Trek weekend (and shown up).

Well, I’ll have you know there were three fearless smiling guys, truck and equipment reporting for front-line duty outside the old front porch this morning. It’s looking like someone lives here now; enough as to where a friend dropping by says, “Your yard never looked so good!” She then asks for their number. The guys are still out there sweating and fighting. All I have to do is sweat over what the bill’s going to be! But, I’m also oh-so grateful someone kept their word. That was the most impressive thing of all.

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Saluda Welcome Table is every Tuesday, with dinner served from 5:30 – 7 p.m. in the fellowship hall of Saluda United Methodist Church. All welcome; donations accepted.

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Plan on joining the community potluck and bingo at Saluda Center, July 28, 6 p.m. Bring your favorite dish to share!

Saluda Community Land Trust has family swim afternoons at Twin Lakes (a conservation property of SCLT) in July, next date is July 30.  On Sunday, July 20th you can enjoy a hike to Little Bradley Falls: a moderate to strenuous walk of two hours; meet at the library for carpooling at 2 p.m.  Donations to support SCLT are always appreciated. SCLT’s phone is 828-749-1560; (

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Happy July Birthday to Doris Marion, Debi Thomas, Rheta Foster, Nancy Weinhagen, Tosh Miller, Lisa Obermiller, Kathy Thompson, Bill Jameson, Emily Rose Ford, Jeremy Ford, Mike Cass, Emma Jean McGraw, Nathen Pack, Melissa Justus, Hunter Justus, Alyssa Justus, Tona Justus, and Lynn Savage.

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